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FBSD Episode 26: Are you ready for some football?

The Super Bowl is this weekend and we take the opportunity to discuss Football movies.

I woefully neglected Wildcats, but otherwise I think we hit on most of the stereotypical football/sport films that we’ve seen.

We talk about Scott Sigler’s ‘The Rookie’.

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Stu checks in with a voice mail and we get into a longish discussion about Sci-Fi on television before pimping the action on the comments section of the site.

We talk up Pickle Tales, which is about to enter its final round. Good luck, Laurence and Phil!

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Nice varied show 🙂 I’m still getting the old audio glitches though – how exactly are you encoding the mp3?

Football movies: Varsity Blues is one of those movies I never get tired of (and no not because of *that* scene). The team running out in slow-mo to the tune of My Hero by the Foos is endlessly rewatchable 🙂 Another one I quite enjoyed was The Replacements. Fairly inoffensive sports-movie fluff i.e. amusing, heart-warming and entertaining in equal measure. In counterpoint, almost all soccer movies are awful, mainly because the lack of helmets makes realistically staging the games much harder!

TV Scifi:

The 4400: Not as consistently strong as Lost, but has a nice mix of arc/standalone plotting and also a strong time travel element to follow your recurring theme 😉
Odyssey 5: Another cancelled gem like Firefly. 5 astronauts in orbit survive the destruction of Earth and are sent back in time to prevent the disaster. Probably the best show not to make it to a second year that I’ve seen.
ReGenesis: Another good one, though it’s treading the line between reality and scifi. Kind of a CSI meets virology, only with intertwining arc plots and character development to boot.
The Lost Room: A recent SciFi channel miniseries, which with any luck will lead to a regular series like it did with BSG. The premise is a little difficult to explain as it’s refreshingly ‘out there’, suffice to say it’s well worth the effort. And hey, it’s presented as three feature length episodes so the movie snobs (*cough*ONEOFTHETONYS*cough*) among us might appreciate it more… 😉

And Scott Sigler’s ‘The Rookie’ sounds somewhat like the old Games Workshop boardgame Blood Bowl, only in an SF setting instead of a Tolkien-esque fantasy world.

Great show, as always. I’m not much of a football fan (I’m more of a hockey guy, myself), but I can appreciate the sport, its fans, and the great movies that are made about them.

Varsity Blues: I agree with Stu about this one. But, I have to admit, I liked “that” scene, too.

The Replacements: A great movie, but I like most movies with Gene Hackman.

All The Right Moves: A Tom Cruise movie that I can actually stand to watch.

A couple of other movies that may or may not have been mentioned:

Any Given Sunday: I think this one may have been mentioned. Stars Al Pacino and Jamie Foxx. This is one of those that I don’t seek out, but will stop to watch it if I’m flipping. Ditto for Wildcats and The Replacements.

Some movies that aren’t necessarily “football movies”, but where football is a big part: Jerry Maguire: Never seen it, but I know a lot of people that like it. School Ties: Stars Brendon Fraser as a (I believe) High School student that is recruited by a private school to be the star of their team. Trouble is, Brendon Fraser’s character is Jewish, and the school I believe is Catholic in a time where bigotry towards Jews is still prevalent. Forrest Gump: Run, Forrest, Run!!! And, last, and certainly close to least, Revenge of the Nerds: John Goodman in one of his earlier roles as the coach of the college football team, with Ted McGinley as the star quarterback and Donald Gibb as “Ogre”. OK, this one is more of a titty flick, but…

Another “not a football movie, but had a great football moment” movie: Fast Times at Ridgemont High. One of the best scenes is after Spicoli, played by Sean Penn, wrecks Charles Jefferson’s car and blames it on the rival football team. The crowd roars as Jefferson, played by Forest Whitaker, takes out pretty much everybody. Jefferson, Jefferson, Jefferson!

I can’t believe any discussion of Football movies could leave out Necessary Roughness. Sinbad, Scott Bakula, and Kathy Ireland – how can you lose?

Great show, guys. Though I, too, did experience a lot of clicks and pops along the way.

Thanks for the feedback about the sound quality… apparently I wasn’t getting any of that with my setup. I think I’ve narrowed the problem, and hopefully the next episode will go out without the bonus clicks and pops.

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