We're still here!

Busy times at work, the death of a laptop and changing jobs have us a bit tied up at the moment. Not to mention the work we (Actually, it was Summer Brooks, who are we kidding) did getting everything switched over to our new home with FarPoint Media.

We will have something new for you this weekend and should get back on our regular schedule next week.

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Ermm, um…I was going to post that it was good to hear you’ll be back next week. Then I saw this was posted two weeks ago 🙂

But, such is the way of things. That damn life business seems to get in the way of a lot of podcasting. Which is but one of the many reasons that I’m a podcast listener and not a podcast creator.

So, get back on when you can, my Itunes will catch it when it’s ready.

Take care – Ed from Texas

Yep, Ed. We’re slackers.

Actually, we have something recorded and it would have posted the other night, but I realized that in the death of the laptop, we lost the intro and outro music.

I’ve found the track and God willing, we should have Episode 30 out for you guys this weekend…

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