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FBSD Episode 30: Oscars, Marty and Primer

We’re back and we’ve got something slightly different from our usual show.   Today we discuss some of the things going on since we last spoke, including SciFi Smackdown, a dead laptop, a birthday, and a movie marathon.

We then break out some individually recorded segments to discuss Martin Scorsese and the Oscars.

We finish the show by discussing Primer at the the suggestion of a number of our listeners based on the discussion in Episode 23.

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0 replies on “FBSD Episode 30: Oscars, Marty and Primer”

At last, FBSD lives! Enjoyed the show, even though all the Oscar talk is pretty meaningless to me.

Sounds like I’ll definitely have to check out Primer. Into my Blockbuster queue with it!

8000+ downloads eh? At least have your personal assistants check in here every now and again when you’re massive stars…

Primer: Glad you guys enjoyed the movie 🙂 One thing I would say is I don’t know if it’s really fair to criticise the explanation they give for time travel – I mean, as far as we know it’s not possible to give a genuinely convincing explanation! I thought they made a decent go of it, particularly since they steered away from the well-trodden wormhole stuff. I guess it’s something any time travel movie is going to suffer from, so in that respect I find it hard to consider it a negative. Now if they’d claimed to time travel by clicking their heels together three times… 😉

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