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BSP Episode 133: Up

It was a long time coming but you knew we’d get around to talking about Pixar movies at some point.

Let us know what you think!

Psst.  The next episode is coming on Saturday.  SRSLY!

This episode was originally recorded on 2/24/2010.

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BSP Special Episode 09: Tee vs. Avatar

Special thanks to Stingray and The Great Mr. Chibi for writing this episode’s show notes on short notice.



Drink Check: Nothing! Was there an intervention? We hope not.

0:00:00 Intro-D’AWW-ction
0:00:45 Support Tee and Sonic Boom @
0:03:14 Welcome to the IMDT
0:03:33 Font of useless knowledge? Or font of AWESOME!
0:04:50 The Worst Taglines for Movies Ever Made. My personal vote: “Laugh. Cry. Share the pants.”
0:05:10 Chuck Norris – Silent Rage
0:07:00 A Beginners Manual for The Backseat Producers. Don’t listen too closely– it doesn’t matter once Tee gets going.
0:08:13 Teaser for the Tee Morris Unified Theory of Avatar, District 9, and The Hangover. I wish I’d been let on the show–I have my own theory uniting Megan Fox and Keira Knightly… it has been researched thoroughly. Every night.
0:09:00 High Level Thoughts: Darrell, Tony, and Chris moderately like it; Tee hates it with the power of a burning sun.
0:09:56 Addendum to the drinking game – One Drink whenever Tee mentions being in New Zealand.
0:10:45 Tee – “It is pretty. Very, very pretty.”
0:12:30 Chris – “In the hands of a better writer, and a director less focused on visuals…”
0:13:15 Darrell – “It’s fun to watch.”
0:14:00 Tony – “Jazz Singer, Wizard of Oz, and Star Wars.”
0:14:08 Tee chokes.
0:15:00 3D has arrived.
0:15:15 Our boys debate the numbers–isn’t News from the Back Seat supposed to cover this?
0:17:30 The IMAX InExperience
0:18:25 The Theater Experience – Good luck recreating that at home.
0:20:40 Tee busts out a parable.
0:21:20 The Tee Critique – “It Lacks Heart.”
0:22:07 Tony vociferously defends Titanic.
0:22:58 “That is so un-Cameron.”
0:23:40 “That’s an insult to cookie cutters.”
0:24:20 The Dreamer’s Thread by Starla Huchton!
0:25:10 Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell
0:25:45 Mini-spoiler warning.
0:26:15 “I would say it’s plagiarism!” There’s a difference between homage and derivative.
0:27:00 Podcast RAGE!
0:27:25 Whedon and Cameron–Dollhouse and Avatar
0:28:20 Tee is still holding back. Chris is scared.
0:28:55 Darrell tries to interject.
0:29:40 Chris almost gets killed via Skype.
0:29:45 Star Wars RAGE!
0:30:30 Looking forward to Glee and SG:U coming back.
0:30:45 Glee is brilliant. The commercials didn’t do it justice.
0:31:30 Glee and the Art of Mashups–Weren’t we talking about a movie? Abba Tart or something like that?
0:32:35 We’re bringing it back to Avatar? The hell you say!
0:33:30 Oh look, Tony’s disagreeing. Take a drink everybody!
0:34:00 This is a SciFi movie for people who don’t like SciFi movies–wasn’t that Star Trek?
0:35:40 Star Wars achetypes: Virginal Princess, Young Hero, Rogue, Villain, Mentor, Abbott & Costello
0:35:55 I wonder if the Virginal Princess’s Walking Carpet matches the drapes…
0:37:15 Can the man on the street name a third Cameron film?
0:38:30 Tee – Terminator was better than expected. Aliens was better than expected.
0:39:45 Agreed: Alien solved the problem of the haunted house.
0:40:55 Do you think Tee didn’t care for the characters in Avatar?
0:41:15 Nobody loves General Badass. Even though he doesn’t need air to kill you.
0:41:45 Tony liked the Corporate Douchebag.
0:42:45 Cameron dropped Michael Bean to avoid ripping off Aliens too much. Too little too late?
0:42:10 Speaking of Aliens, why didn’t the military just nuke the site from orbit? Its the only way they could have been sure!
0:44:00 Tony skips around Tee’s point.
0:44:40 The Russian film is The Battleship Potemkin. Check out the Odessa Stair scene–it’s film history! 😀
0:45:30 “It was so stupid on so many levels….”
0:46:05 There was so much in the script that would have made this film better, but was cut in the interest of…. We’re not sure, actually.
0:46:50 Exciting Behind-The-Scenes Information!
0:48:00 This isn’t a white guilt movie, but a corporate greed movie.
0:48:45 District 9 enters the fray!
0:49:00 Tee – District 9 is the better version of Avatar.
0:51:00 Less money makes for better movies? Wait for the TMUTAD9TH.
0:52:20 Tee wants more District 9.
0:52:50 Tony votes for Up for Best Picture.
0:53:30 Tony tries to dive into uncharted waters. Chris pulls us back from the edge.
0:54:20 Cameron’s got a standard baddie.
0:55:10 Another Tee Morris drinking game addendum: One drink–”Kingdom of the Crystal Suck”
0:56:00 Avatar didn’t give Tee any fun moments.
0:57:40 It’s decided that Tee isn’t the market for this movie.
0:57:50 Here comes the TMUTAD9TH!
0:58:00 Actually, I guess we’re just gonna wank about The Hangover for a bit.
0:59:00 IT’S HERE! The TMUTAD9TH!
0:59:30 Holy crap! Avatar cost a lot of money.
0:59:45 Holy crap! Avatar made a lot of money.
1:00:15 Analysts are surprised. Again. Who are these people, and why do we listen to them?
1:00:45 District 9 didn’t cost much, but made a lot. Percentage-wise, anyway.
1:01:25 The Hangover followed the D9 theory of money-making.
1:02:00 It seemed like The Hangover was in theaters FOREVER!
1:03:00 Tee wants to see Hollywood focus on story and character, and less on over-the-top production costs. The other hosts politely withhold hysterical laughter.
1:04:45 Tee’s skipping Cloverfield because he’s worried about The Avatar Effect.
1:05:45 Tee was pleasantly surprised with The Gamer.
1:07:00 Looking forward to the Tee Morris Rant™ if Avatar gets Best Picture.
1:07:30 LENS FLARE!!!
1:09:00 This show-note writer isn’t shovelling out the money.
1:10:00 Good on Cameron for bringing back the Theatrical Event.
1:11:25 The District 9 short film.
1:12:00 The Hangover beat Star Trek last year by $20,000,000.
1:13:00 Didn’t get to the Deep Geeking, Tony? Really?
1:13:30 Darrell closes the night by inciting the wrath of Tee.

Back Seat Producers Best Picture Nominated Season 04 Shows

BSP Episode 113: District 9

Wikus Van De Merwe is just a man trying to do his job.

And boy does ole’ Wikus have some ZANY adventures.

Listen as the Back Seat Producers recount some of his trials and tribulations as he works to relocate ‘The Prawns’ from District 9 to their new ‘home’.

Promo: J.C. Hutchins’ print release of 7th Son: Descent to be released October 27th.

Back Seat Producers Best Picture Nominated Season 04 Shows

BSP Episode 098: The Reader

The final movie in our ’09 Oscar Series.  The Reader was an unexpectedly enjoyed movie by Tony.  And only Tony.

Everyone does agree though that Kate Winslet’s performance was deserving of the Oscar she earned.

Yeah, these show notes are short… unlike somethings that appeared in this movie.

Back Seat Producers Best Picture Nominated Season 04 Shows

BSP Episode 097: Slumdog Millionaire

This is number four in our 2009 Oscar series.  The Best Motion Picture winner and a movie that was heaped with critical acclaim…. but what did we think of this faux Bollywood sensation?

Come take a listen…

Plus, dont’ forget, we stream our recording sessions ever week on Wednesdays at about 9:30 p.m. Central

Look for us on twitter for announcements about individual streaming events.

Best Picture Nominated Shows

BSP Episode 095: Forrest Gump and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

These movies were a logic choice to review together.

Check out our reasons why and let us know what you think.

Back Seat Producers Best Picture Nominated Season 04 Shows

BSP Episode 094: Frost/Nixon and Dick

Another in our Best Picture Series. Check last episode for an explanation of why we are releasing these episodes back to back like this.

Trying to catch up, and you know, someday we might even get caught up.

Also featured in this episode is a promo for Technorama and a review of Opie gets Laid.

Back Seat Producers Best Picture Nominated Season 04 Shows

BSP Episode 093: Milk

Wow… two months?  Sheesh… good thing we currently have um… 16!!! episodes recorded that we haven’t released… So yeah, this is going to be a good weekend for you guys.

Today I’m releasing the movie that earned Sean Penn an Academy Award for his portrayal of Harvey Milk.

Tomorrow, we’ve got an episode in wherein we discuss a former President of the United States.

Sunday, an episode where we compare two movies that were written by the same screenwriter… and which are ridiculously similar.

Back Seat Producers Best Picture Nominated Fanboy Smackdown Season 01 Shows

FBSD Episode 30: Oscars, Marty and Primer

We’re back and we’ve got something slightly different from our usual show.   Today we discuss some of the things going on since we last spoke, including SciFi Smackdown, a dead laptop, a birthday, and a movie marathon.

We then break out some individually recorded segments to discuss Martin Scorsese and the Oscars.

We finish the show by discussing Primer at the the suggestion of a number of our listeners based on the discussion in Episode 23.

Make sure you visit the site to comment on the show.

Call us and leave a voice mail – 206-339-FBSD (3273)

Visit the forums and show us some love there. 

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Blog Special – The Oscars

I spent twelve and a half hours yesterday watching all five films nominated for best picture.

To break it down the best I can, let me start off by saying that I don’t believe that Babel or Little Miss Sunshine are in quite the same league as the other three films. Don’t get me wrong, these are great movies, but just not in the same class as the other three films.

It’s hard for me to pick just how I think the Academy is going to vote this year. As a political way of doing this I’m going to show how each of them could win.

1: The Queen – If the Academy has an interest in the Monarchy of Great Britain and/or a sense of humor, the Oscar goes to ‘The Queen’.

2: The Departed – If the Academy has a soft spot for Martin Scorsese and a love for his past work, the Oscar goes to ‘The Departed’

3: Letters from Iwo Jima – If the Academy still loves Clint as much as they have in the past, the Oscar goes to ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’.

Some reasons why each film might not win.

1: The Queen – While not a fall-out-of-your-chair-funny comedy, the queen has a number of situations that you can’t help but laugh at… in a good way. The “History” is rather recent and all of the major players are still alive, so it doesn’t play any side too harshly.

2: The Departed – While financially successful, this is NOT Martin Scorsese’s best film. We’ve seen what he can do, and he CAN do better. There were a few roles in the film that were excellently acted, but could have served a lesser known actor more than a big name. I’m talking to you Mr. Baldwin.

3: Letters from Iwo Jima – Clint has two movies that have the same setting, just from different view points. This is the one you have to READ. It’s also the story from the enemy’s point of view and it does a fantastic job of humanizing the enemy… which may or may not help.

In the end, I am really torn on which film to give the Oscar to. And which I think the Academy will go with.

But since I promised a decision, here we go…

Best Female Actor – Helen Mirren

Best Director – Martin Scorsese

Best Picture – The Queen (Because it was the one that I was surprised by the most)

There you have it… I guess we’ll know how I stack up in just a few hours.