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FBSD Episode 32: TMNT

File’s fixed! There are a few clicks that are artifacts from recording, those are on the source files, but this a much cleaner file than that last one!

We start this show with our new format.

First we discuss the box office surprises this week, at least some people seemed surprised by Grindhouse opening at #4.

We then give our review of TMNT, don’t worry, no spoilers here.

Promo for TD0013’s MS Walk

An interview with someone who’s seen the flick.

Then we dig deep into the movie, Warning: Spoilers could be ahead.

Don’t forget that next week we are discussing The Good Shepherd. If you’ve seen it and want to include your comments in our discussion, call or email before 8 PM Sunday, April 15th. Otherwise we’ll just include them later in our feedback.

Enjoy the show.

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That’s just it…
The file I uploaded was perfect… somewhere between windows commandline FTP, sitting at libsyn, adding the bookie, and pushing it out, the clips show up…

I’m baffled… I’m going to try again, and if I can’t get it, I’m going to call in the audio God himself and see if Mike Mennenga has any thoughts.

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