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FBSD Episode 35: Anniversary (North by Northwest – Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid)

In this episode we talk about this weekend’s box office(, then take a brief look back on the past year.

We also take this opportunity to discuss two films that are either at the top of our favorites list, or awfully damned close.

Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest and Sam Peckinpah’s Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.

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0 replies on “FBSD Episode 35: Anniversary (North by Northwest – Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid)”

What is up with the sound here… I DLed this directly from this site, and so far this sounds like one side of a phone conversation…

I know, I’m being a pain in the can about this, but now there seems to be bits where you guys are way off sync with each other as well- even talking over each other about completely different things…

We won’t get mad at all, Stu.

I hadn’t seen Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid until the other Tony introduced me to it, and he had to borrow my copy of North by Northwest.

That’s why we put these flicks out there. Check them out, these are a few that we like. Maybe you’ll enjoy them too.

D’oh! I’ve got the one sided file as well. Very trippy. Oh, there’s Tony, two minutes behind Tony 🙂

So, has the file been fixed? I’ll have to try the download again when I get home.

Yep, it’s all fixeded. I screwed up the edit, If you’ll notice, the lenght of time that Indiana Jim’s promo plays is the exact amount of time we are skewed.


But it should be available for you to pick up and get the corrected copy this evening.

We won’t get mad at all, Stu.

It’s academic now anyway – North by Northwest should be winging it’s way to me as I type this 🙂

Thanks for fixing the sound… this is much better this time…

The Condemned is a new action film from WWE Films starring Stone Cold Steve Austin- I haven’t seen it, though I wish I had instead of Next- it’s supposed to be a bout a group of prisoners put on an island to play a deadly game of Survivor with your standard negative commentary at the end about violence being all we crave on TV…

North By Northwest is a terrific film and just a couple of slots shy of my number one favorite of Hitchcock movies- but, yet, that honor of my very favorite Hitchcock movie is also my very favorite movie of all-time, and that’s Vertigo… one of the things that I really like about a Hitchcock film is just the very fact that they are from a different period, a time when people were a little more proper about dealing with each other, even when they’re trying to screw each other over…

Don’t forget about that incredible Bernard Herrmann film score, Herrmann scored most of the biggie’s from Hitchcock (and for Tony #2- Herrmann also scored Scorsese’s Taxi Driver).

I’d not seen Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid before, and no I’ve gotta say, I’m certainly curious to see it… well done about talking about it… my own personal favorites from Peckinpaugh are The Wild Bunch and Straw Dogs, and The Wild Bunch tends to be one of those that I have to get out once a year…

Speaking of four different guys… hmmmm, it might be worth it putting us all in the same room together sometime and recording it….

Good show guys, and congrats on the first year, hope there’s many more to come…

Believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to hearing you guys talk about Lucky You, because I tend to like to watch a lot of televised poker, so I’m genuinely looking forward to that…

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