FBSD Episode 36: Lucky You with a bit of Spiderman 3 – Take 2

Well, I’m not 100% sure what caused it, but it was something in the way I entered the ID3 tag…. like you even care.

Anyway, it’s fixed!

In this week’s episode we talk about the phenomenal numbers that Spiderman 3 had over the weekend and contrast that with the dismal showing for the rest of the films in theaters. (www.boxofficemojo.com)

Tony gives a brief review of Spiderman 3 that doesn’t include spoilers, but refers you to the GeekLabel podcast if you want to hear Spiderman 3 picked apart (then roasted over an open flame) .

We then review Lucky You, spoiler free… at least until we take a break.

Promo: Christiana Ellis’ Nina Kimberly the Merciless

We dig into the deep analysis of Lucky You.

Generally, we aren’t giving this film high marks. We were hoping for something a bit…. more. It’s really hard to describe it beyond that. It wasn’t a bad film, it just floundered.

On the other hand, Tony does suggest and support an idea that this film could quite possibly be one of the most perfect date movies made.

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11. May 2007 by Tony
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