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FBSD Episode 36: Lucky You with a bit of Spiderman 3 – Take 2

Well, I’m not 100% sure what caused it, but it was something in the way I entered the ID3 tag…. like you even care.

Anyway, it’s fixed!

In this week’s episode we talk about the phenomenal numbers that Spiderman 3 had over the weekend and contrast that with the dismal showing for the rest of the films in theaters. (

Tony gives a brief review of Spiderman 3 that doesn’t include spoilers, but refers you to the GeekLabel podcast if you want to hear Spiderman 3 picked apart (then roasted over an open flame) .

We then review Lucky You, spoiler free… at least until we take a break.

Promo: Christiana Ellis’ Nina Kimberly the Merciless

We dig into the deep analysis of Lucky You.

Generally, we aren’t giving this film high marks. We were hoping for something a bit…. more. It’s really hard to describe it beyond that. It wasn’t a bad film, it just floundered.

On the other hand, Tony does suggest and support an idea that this film could quite possibly be one of the most perfect date movies made. – send an email – post a comment
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OK, I haven’t seen Lucky You (and it’s doubtful that I will until video anyway) but still we can speculate on a couple of things… If Robert Downey, Jr. is in the film for what is essentially a throwaway cameo scene, his reasons for doing it probably have nothing to do with “artistic integrity” whatsoever, he may be pals with Curtis Hansen and is doing him a favor, he may’ve been in Vegas and just asked to do a walk-on… who knows? But I do know that it’s usually something almost entirely unrelated to a project when you get some of these guest star cameos like this.

Y’know, another reason why Drew Barrymore might’ve said whatever she said after Bana’s big win scene could be for extra reinforcement of the scene, just to absolutely make sure that audiences got it and knew exactly what happened… yes, you may laugh, but with today’s audiences (and I’ve been in enough of them to hear people ask “what happened?” after it was obvious as long as you were watching the film) doing scenes like this doesn’t surprise me… it’s sort of the same principle why characters are compelled to read things like letters and especially e-mails aloud on screen now…

I actually thought it looked interesting from the trailers until I saw Drew Barrymore in the film, she’s right up there with Julia Roberts as far as someone who will just totally turn me off from seeing a film (and yet ironically, both Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore are in George Clooney’s freshmen film Confessions of a Dangerous MInd which I loved tremendously)… but yet every time I saw her in the trailers to this, it was like she wasn’t sincere with her performance at all (and that doesn’t mean that it has to be a serious performance, just that it has to have some credibility) almost more like she’s in a Saturday Night LIve sketch and ready to laugh along with it…

Tonys! I must say, I think your episode about this movie was probably a lot more entertaining that the movie itself would be. I must confess, I hadn’t even heard of this movie until you two started talking about it on this show.

As for Spidey 3 – I’ve heard enough disappointment from various corners of Farpoint Media that I’m going to give it a pass until DVD time.

Sadly, Shrek 3 isn’t looking anymore promising. I really hope Pirates 3 doesn’t suck or this month is going to be a total loss.

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