De Niro Talks Against Strike

According to the Telegraph actor and producer Robert De Niro has spoken out firmly against a threatened strike by film and television actors at a film festival in the Czech Republic Saturday.

“I do not think it is good time to be striking now,” he is quoted as saying during a press conference at the Karlovy Vary film festival. “I personally think it is not a good idea to strike.” He continued, “All the trade unions are affected by the strike, with the economy as it is at this time, it does not seem to be a great idea,” “The issues could be resolved in a few years and, whatever the result is, can be set retroactively,” the Oscar-winning actor said.

The Screen Actors’ Guild, the primary union for TV and film actors, is expected to respond Monday to the latest offer from industry heads following the expiration of the previous three-year contract between the two sides.

On a more political note, De Niro gave solid support for the Democratic Party’s de-facto presidential nominee, Barack Obama.

“I do feel very strongly that he should be president and I feel that he will. He is a real hope for the country and our relationship with people around the rest of the world, because we have had a bad past seven-eight years. It is very important that someone like him becomes the president,” he said.

De Niro, who turns 65 in August, is a guest of honour at Karlovy Vary, Central Europe’s biggest film festival, and was awarded a “Crystal Globe” for his contribution to cinema on Friday night.

Actors Christopher Lee and Danny Glover will also see prizes at the festival where 220 films and documentaries are due to be screened during its nine-day run ending July 12.



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