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BSP Episode 070: Eight Days a Week

Tony and Adam discuss the film Eight Days a Week.  This is the unofficial kick-off of our support for Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine’s Double Trouble promotion.  (more to come on this next week)

This is a short discussion, so we included a bonus.

Tony gave his review of the new Get Smart film to Adam and Phil when they recorded the trivia episode.  This conversation was recorded and resurrected and tagged on here.

Next week: The Dark Knight


News Briefs

Directors Darren Lynn Bousman of the Saw franchise,  Zack Snyder from the most recent Dawn Of The Dead and Andrew Douglas from Amityville Horror have all signed deals with Microsoft to make a series of shorts for the Xbox Live to be produced by the Safran Group, a French technology company based in Paris.

The Dark Knight set two more records. On Monday: biggest gross for a non-holiday Monday, bringing in $24.6 million and raising its total to $182.9 million for 4 days and on Tuesday: fastest movie to $200 million (5 days), beating Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest which did the same in 8 days in ’06.

Former Golden Girl Estelle Getty died Tuesday. The 84 year old actress had been suffering from advanced dementia.

Disney has replaced both Ebert and Roeper as hosts of the syndicated Ebert & Roeper and the Movies just two days after Roeper and one day after Ebert quit the show. They will be replaced by E! Entertainment’s Ben Lyons and TCM’s Ben Mankiewicz. Ebert has not appeared on the show since 2006 when an operation left him unable to speak. is predicting that the Dark Knight may swamp this weekends earnings possibly holding X-Files to a sub $20 million opening.

MTV will be remaking the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The original screenplay will stay but will be featuring all new music. No info on casting or a director.



Studio Briefing