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BSP Episode 070: Eight Days a Week

Tony and Adam discuss the film Eight Days a Week.  This is the unofficial kick-off of our support for Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine’s Double Trouble promotion.  (more to come on this next week)

This is a short discussion, so we included a bonus.

Tony gave his review of the new Get Smart film to Adam and Phil when they recorded the trivia episode.  This conversation was recorded and resurrected and tagged on here.

Next week: The Dark Knight

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Hello Back Seat Producers! I have been listening to your feed for a while now, a little before you switched over from Fan Boy Smackdown. I would like to add something to your review about 8 Days A Week:

I seems that you guys failed to mention something I noticed when I saw the movie. The whole movie seem to be an allegory on the sexual culture of the time the movie was made. The whole movie seemed to be obsessed with making love, which seems to be the point of the movie. Every character was a different sexual relationship. They had the Mrs. Lewis, the middle-aged woman who while was nearing her prime she was still lonely, and seems to embody the lonely housewife persona. Then there is Peter’s Parents, who are a long standing couple who seem disconnected and have lost their spark. There ofcouse is the total sex freak perv that is Peter’s best friend Matt, who I think is self explainatory. There is the crazy lady who seems to be just in love with life, and finally there are the old couple. The man and his sick wife, 2 lovers who are just there trying to hang on to eachother, and love eachother passionatly.

Oh! I almost forgot, there is the relationship between Erica and Nick; and then between Erica and Peter. It would seem that Nick’s relationship is the typical stupid teenager relationship that seems to only exist because it does… least from Erica’s point of view. I am pretty sure Nick is just obsessed with her pants, or at least whats in them. In the end, Peter and Erika get together, which ties the movie together and proves that sometimes, just sometimes, the nice guy will get the girl and come out on top.

I hope you enjoyed this, and maybe I will write more in the future!

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