Fox Atomic in jeopardy.

Is 20th getting ready to close Fox Atomic? According to Variety the rumor this weekend is that they may be doing just that.

Per Variety, according to sources Debbie Liebling has been offered a spot at 20th from which she could continue to develop the kinds of properties she has shown a distinct knack for. No word on what might happen for the rest of the staff.

Fox Atomic was started by Peter Rice and grew up around Liebling in 07 and made its name on genre pieces like 28 Weeks Later and comedies like Miss March. Unfortunately Atomic’s comedies have been inconsistent to the point that in ’08 20th and Searchlight took over sales efforts for Atomic.

Atomic hoped to hit it big this year with its two best commercial efforts with the Chris Columbus piece I Love You Beth Cooper and the Megan Fox shocker Jennifer’s Body. Presumably Liebling’s projects will follow her to 20th including 28 Months Later and the new Sacha Baron Cohen vehicle Accidents.