Back Seat Producers Fanboy Smackdown Shows Special Episode

Happy Anniversary! Retro: FBSD Episode #1

Being jerks we called this “Episode #4”.  Honestly, we wondered if we’d be able to make it through 5, 6 and 1-3. 

Today is the third anniversary of the posting of the first episode of Fanboy Smackdown (which later became Back Seat Producers.)

It’s been an incredible three years, and we’ve got 99 regular episodes and over a dozen special episodes that are out there (or need to get final editing done so we can release them).

This tag is also going to serve as a reminder to anyone who might not have heard the news.

Saturday, May 2, 2009 from 4PM to 7PM CDT, we are going to be recording and streaming our 100th episode.  We have a couple of special guests confirmed and we are going to, for the first time EVAR open up the BSP skype lines so that fans can ‘call-in’ and be part of the show.  This should be a fantastic episode with tons of laughs.  We hope that you all can join us on Ustream and/or Skype.  For details on how to be part of the fun on Saturday, come to our website and we’ll have all the details for you.

Hope you enjoy this blast from the past!