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BSP Episode 096: Watchmen


This has been a long time coming.   We’ve recently brought in a friend, Chris, who you’ll hear in Episode #100, to edit our episodes for us, we’ve got quite a few in the can (more about this in a post later today) and we’ll be releasing them frequently in the coming days.

In this episode, Tony, Adam, Darrell, and Melina talk about Watchmen.  I would supply more detailed show notes, but after 5 months of sitting on this, waiting a few more minutes is just silly.

Here you go.


Oh.. and at the tail end there is a bit of discussion about the series finale of Battlestar: Galactica.  Yeah, this was recorded that long ago.

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LOL. Only four minutes in, but must comment.

I never read the book, and I was not lost at all during the film. I came away feeling partly like Adam did, that it was the best film I’d seen in a few years (but doesn’t crack my top 5… or 10 for that matter.)

I understood almost everything. And I’ll admit, I didn’t get everything. For example, obviously I had no idea, until I was told by my friend, that Rorscharch was in many scenes without costume. But that doesn’t change Rorscharch’s character. That just reinforces what we already learn about Rorscharch.

I heard the ending was changed. After I learned what the ending in the comic book was, I’m glad they changed it. It works better as a film, and keeps people like me from rolling our eyes, wretching from overkill or deus ex machina.

Great movie. Probably will be the best picture of the year.

Adam, I’m grotesquely disappointed in you. “The bastardization of Adam Wainwright. What a horrible cover that was.”

Leonard Cohen WROTE THAT SONG, buddy!!! That IS the original recording. That’s like saying that Dylan covered Hendrix’s Watchtower.

It’s gonna be okay, friend. I will be preparing your Leonard Cohen retrospective so that we can pull you from the shadows of uninformed musical darkness. Hallelujah!!!

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