Back Seat Producers Season 06 Shows Special Episode

BSP Special Episode 12: Villains’s_100_Years…_100_Heroes_and_Villains

This is one we’ve been sitting on for a while… that might be an understatement.

This episode was recorded: 9/24/08.

For those keeping score, David was still Adam, Darrell had yet to join the crew, and this would have been episode #78.

We hope you had a great Easter weekend… this episode released at this time means that Tony didn’t spend part of his vacation editing audio.

One final note, this past Saturday, April 23rd 2011, Fanboy Smackdown/Back Seat Producers celebrated the 5th anniversary of the recording of the first episode. We didn’t release the episode for another week.  The episode we’ll record this week is our Anniversary episode.  Thanks for listening!

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@Jefferson – HAHA theoretically, but he’s turned into a bit of diva since the name change, so that’s why you might have assumed they were different people.

Just catching up on the BSP releases. Thought I’d mention that The Way of the Game is not at, but is actually at

Appreciate the attempt at a shout out, Tony. 😉

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