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Back Seat Box Office #32 Results and Voice Mail

Big swings mark this week.

Special thanksfor their voice mail contributions go out to:

  • Art
  • Father Beast and Menolly
  • Jeff
  • Tim

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Maybe what every picked and/or their results should be added on to the results podcast’s post. Maybe ‘below the fold’ if the site software has that capibility. It would help to be able to see what everyone picked, particularly for those who don’t put their picks in public places like comments and the forum.

Ok, here are my picks for May 6th…

1) Thor – So far the reviews are looking good. Taking a risk that this will be #1. I could easily see Fast Five being first again though.
2) Fast Five – I think it will be close between this and Thor for first and second.
3) Something Borrowed – haven’t seen anything in the commercials to attract me, but it might be pretty good ‘chick-flick’ counter programming against the blockbusters.
4) Rio – All the old movies are being incredibly weak now. I think Rio will is probably one of the few that will do good enough. This might actually be 3rd but it’s been out there a while so it’s got to start dropping fast sometime soon.
5) Jumping the Broom – I know nothing about this movie. First I heard of it was when I saw the box office results post linking to it on Tuesday. This looks similar to the Madea movie without the comedy. That having been said, I think a lot of the Madea watchers might watch this one instead. Flipping a coin and saying this one will come out above Madea.

Ok, here’s my picks for the weekend of May 6 – 8, 2011:
1. Thor
2. Fast Five
3. Rio
4. Something Borrowed
5. Madea’s Big Happy Family

I Don’t know if there will be a voice mail this week. I don’t know if Menolly will be participating. She’s pretty burned.

Gak. I had no idea Fast Five would do that well, or that hoodwinked and (arghh) Dylan Dog would do so poorly.

Ok, she’s growling a lot, but I guess she’s participating.

Menolly’s picks for May 6 -8, 2011:
1. Thor
2. Fast Five
3. Something Borrowed
4. Rio
5. Jumping The Broom

And I told her that even if she doesn’t want to, I’m recording a voicemail.

Hey, Menolly don’t sweat the low scores. I’ve been able to make a bit of a comeback from my ridiculed low score earlier this year, I’m sure you can pick it back up. You’ve been more consistently brilliant at this box office picking business than I have, so it shouldn’t take you long.

And on the up-side, after you get kicked to the curb by the box office, you can realize that it is a perfect excuse to make completely insane guesses, after all, it can’t get any worse than it already has been.

My picks for May 6-8:

1. Thor – He’s the freaking god of thunder, it’s a Marvel film to tie in with the Avengers stuff, and Kenneth Branagh is directing. And then there is the cast…I don’t know Chris Helmsworth from Adam, but I know people lust after Kat Dennings & Natalie Portman, and that Anthony Hopkins is freaking amazing. Comic fanboy power + well promoted film + amazing cast will hopefully equal out any possible shortcomings in the script.

2. Fast 5 – Bald bad-assery continues its angry stomping towards domination at the box office. They may have to step aside for the flowing locks of Thor, but Vin & Dwayne will not be denied much at the box office.

3. Madea – I’m liking Madea here. It may endure in the 3-5 range for another week, but it’s going to get shut out of the top 5 as the summer movie season hits its stride.

4. Something Borrowed – I have no idea about this film. It’s trading well at HSX and in lieu of any real information, I’ll stuff it here.

5. Water for Elephants – Again, I feel like this may endure much as Soul Surfer did. Its target demographic is radically different from everything else out there.

well here are my picks for this week
2.Fast five
3.Something borrowed
4. Rio
5. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family

I’m hoping something borrowed is about to gross about 8 or 9 million which as more of a romantic comedy I think it can do. Hopefully I don’t completely misjudge everything like I did last week lol.

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