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Back Seat Box Office #33 Results and Voice Mail

This week’s Top 5 Prognosticators:

(In alphabetical order, since they all had the same score.)

  • Art, 23
  • Jonathan, 23
  • Mark J, 23
  • Ryven Cedrylle, 23
  • William Pall, 23

Special thanks to the following Voice Mail/Audio File contributors

  • Art
  • Father Beast
  • Rich
  • Ryven Cedrylle
  • Tim

6 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #33 Results and Voice Mail”

Time to make some poor decisions. My picks for this week:

1) Bridesmaids
2) Priest
3) Thor
4) Fast Five
5) Jumping The Broom

I’m thinking a lot of people are going to leave Thor behind. Fast Five could possibly come in third , but I’m flipping a coin and saying Thor will still stay ahead of it. Bridesmaids has been heavily hyped and I’m thinking enough people are going to check it out for it to come out on top of Priest. I could be wrong about how well Priest will do–it could possibly be 2 places lower in the rankings (4th and thor and five would place one higher).

Ok, Menolly and I recorded a Voice mail, but I am posting our picks here anyway.

Father Beast’s picks for May 13 – 15, 2011:
1. Thor
2. Fast Five
3. Bridesmaids
4. Priest
5. Jumping The Broom

Menolly’s Picks for May 13 – 15, 2011:
1. Thor
2. Priest
3. Bridesmaids
4. Fast Five
5. Jumping The Broom

and, should anyone care to watch my progress, my trader name on HSX is Fatherbeast.

Here are my guesses for this week:

1) Thor – I think the unending strength of the thunder god will keep this going at #1 until the arrival of Captain Jack Sparrow next weekend. It’s going to take a hit, but I think it will stay on top.

2)Bridesmaids – I could say that I think this looks horrible, but it is being touted as the women’s version of the Hangover. That tag-line alone will probably bring in a decent crowd opening weekend. I might get dragged to see this, but how many body function jokes can this movie contain until it seems too much like Sandra Bernhardt or Whoopi Goldberg doing stand-up? Yes, we know men behave badly in groups. I’m pretty certain that we all know that women do the exact same thing. I have three words to illustrate the point: Girls Gone Wild.

3) Priest – I saw a part of this movie several years ago with Christian Bale. It was called Equilibrium. It wasn’t bad, but the script suffered in the end. This looks like it will be visually similar, but with a better script. Not enough to beat out Thor, but will probably force Fast 5 down.

4) Fast 5 – Big question mark here. On the one hand, it is a testosterone-powered cash machine. On the other, it has peaked pretty well, and now that the summer movie engine is moving along, it’s not got long for the top 5.

5) Jumping the Broom – This could just as easily be Something Borrowed or Rio. Weddings, source of great entertainment and socially-acceptable, yet insane, behavior. You can only do so many wedding movies before they just blend together. This sits here due to superior performance last week and the likely chance that Rio will drop off the top 5. Or I could be wrong and the zillions of kids who have already seen it will go back to it while Mom & Dad see something else.

That’s all I know, and I’m sticking to it.

Here are my picks
4.Fast five
5.Jumping the Broom

I think this week is pretty predictable but who knows.

My gambit didn’t pay off last week, but one day…

1. Thor
2. Bridesmaids
3. Priest
4. Fast 5
5. Jumping the Broom

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