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Back Seat Box Office #34 Results and Voice Mail

This week’s Top 5 Prognosticators:

(In alphabetical order, since they all had the same score.)

  • Art, 24
  • Jonathan, 24
  • Scott, 24
  • Tad, 24
  • Tim, 24

Special thanks to the following Voice Mail/Audio File contributors

  • Art
  • Father Beast and Menolly
  • Jeff
  • Rich
  • Tim
  • William Pall

5 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #34 Results and Voice Mail”

I know I was thinking about waiting for Friday but I’m feeling impatient. So here are my poorly informed predictions for the week:

1) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. – it would be a coup of epic proportions of this wasn’t #1 this weekend…
2) Thor – So much for my thinking this would drop off fast, I’m going to put it back up there, but not as good as Pirates
3) Bridesmaids – having a hard time deciding between this and Fast 5. Flip of the coin says Bridesmaids just barely stays ahead.
4) Fast Five
5) Rio – I’m thinking Priest is going to die fast so I’m thinking that means Rio stays in the top 5 even though I predicted it would go out last week.

All right, lets see how I do this time.

Well, after listening to the results show, I feel compelled to put a little more work than usual into this week’s prognostication and commentary, so here goes.

1) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Unless you have been living under a rock for the last eight years or so, you know “Captain” Jack Sparrow. And you know that pirates are, as Andrew put it so succinctly while we ate dinner at Buckinghams’, transcendental in regards to target audience. A wee bit of comedy, a wee bit of romance, a wee bit of action, and a wee bit of adventure. Put those wee bits together, and you end up with the excellence of On Stranger Tides, savvy?

Seriously now, if the thunder god can stop Captain Jack, the mixed success of the last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies, those being Dead Man’s Chest & At World’s End, will have done some pretty savage damage to the franchise.

But, he’s Captain Jack Sparrow, don’t forget. And don’t expect this movie not to beat out Thor. The new characters, namely Blackbeard and that hottie daughter of his, both portrayed by excellent actors, should balance out the pains of the previous two movies and bring pirates back to the forefront.

2) Thor – The thunder god may be hammered down the raging cannon fire of the Black Pearl and the Queen Anne’s Revenge, I expect that the bearer of Mjollnir will stay at #2.

3) Bridesmaids – I have doubts about this. I feel like it’s audience was kind of a mishmash of demographics, and not a hard and fast group to stick around. Particularly in the face of Captain Jack Sparrow. Still, it is comparatively new, and should stick a bit.

4) Fast Five – God, I really don’t know. I almost feel like Priest should be here, but again, I feel like Captain Jack will take a lot from this group. I think that most who want to see this have seen it, but looking at the competition, I’m reluctant to put it lower. I would also expect it to lose screens to Captain Jack. In the end, I think it will stay here. Despite losing screens to Captain Jack, I think Priest, due to a weaker opening, will lose more screens, despite the age of this release.

5) Rio – Again, I have great uncertainty. It could just as easily be Fast 5 here, or Jumping the Broom. Or Priest. It is the only good kid’s movie floating around though, and I’ve failed to consider that for quite a while. So, Rio’s going to stick around.

That’s my plan, and I’m sticking to it.

no voice mail this week. Menolly is working a lot, and I’m just too busy. We do have picks, though.

My picks for May 20 – 22, 2011
1. Pirates 4
2. Thor
3. Fast Five
4. Bridesmaids
5. Rio

I had pretty much the same reasoning as Uriah on the first two, but thankfully, we had some different picks.

and here’s Menolly’s picks for May 20 – 22, 2011:
1. Thor
2. Pirates 4
3. Priest
4. Fast Five
5. Bridesmaids

Personally, I think she’s insane.

Hey Tony, here’s a suggestion for you.

How about you only average out the scores for the last ten times you gave picks, instead of the whole year. It seems strange that if I get a really high score (or low score), it affects my average a lot, but if you get a big score, it maybe affects your average a quarter point.

something to think about…..

Ok, lets give this a shot.
1) Pirates of the Caribbean 4– soooo many screens, so “duh”. But the hard part for the next two months will not be picking #1.
2) Bridesmaids– I think it holds on over Thor, but it could be close.
3) Thor– 3rd week + Pirates robbing the audience = #3
4) Fast Five– really the only film with buzz. As in “Can you believe that gross?”. Should get around 10 million, I think.
5) Rio– There isn’t anything like this out right now, and it’s holding on really well. Personally, I think it’s the Angry Birds tie-in.
I think Priest will drop a lot in the face of so much similar competition. I found this interesting: of the 2800 or so screens Priest opened on, about 2000 were 3D. I know if I was forced to go see it, I wouldn’t have paid for the 3D. If that was my only option, I’d pass, and with only 800 or so screens not 3D, well… Dylan Dog opened on a paltry 875 screens (I can’t believe no one’s mentioned that, have they?) and look how that turned out.

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