Back Seat Box Office #36 Results and Voice Mail

Tony’s Moment of Stupidity:  Mark J DID actually provide picks this week.  Unfortunately, I turned on this cool feature in Google Labs which allows me to reply to an email and archive it with a single button.  I pressed that when answering a question of his instead of hitting the REPLY button.  I totally missed his email.

I’ve update the leaderboard.  For the record: There were ELEVEN people that had the same picks this week, as Mark J also picked the same sequence as the hosts.  Mark got a 22 for the week, combined with his previous average of 22 means his average stays the same, as does his position on the leaderboard.

This mistake was all mine and, for the record, I’ve turned off the Archive and Reply feature.  Apparently, I’m the reason we don’t have nice things.

Thanks to the following Voice Mail Contributors:

  • Art
  • Father Beast and Menolly
  • Tad
  • William

Congrats to Jeff and Crazy Jeff for nabbing 25s this week.

01. June 2011 by Tony
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