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Back Seat Reality #3

Welcome to episode three… yeah, there were two before. A LONG TIME AGO!

In this episode, we discuss THE BACHELORETTE and THE VOICE.

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The Voice: I will concede that Frenchie has a good voice. It is powerful, clear, and expressive. However, despite the name of the show, this competition stopped being about just “the voice” as soon as the contestants were picked, and I get a bad vibe off of Frenchie. I don’t watch American Idol so I don’t remember her from that and frankly, I don’t care if she posed for nude pics. Frenchie has this “all about me” attitude that rubs me the wrong way. All she talks about is how she finally got her second chance to show America what she can do, while the other contestants are more in the moment and talking about how much fun they are having or the friends they’ve made.

Blake Shelton seems to have a good relationship with NBC. I had never heard of him either until he appeared as a coach on an NBC show in 2007 called Clash of the Choirs. Now other people are discovering him and his music on another NBC show.

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