Back Seat Reality Shows

Back Seat Reality #7

This week we talk about the follow shows:

The Glee Project [1:25] – Be sure to listen to Julie’s reaction to Matheus’ dance/striptease.

Love in the Wild [17:53] – The moral of the story: Don’t renege on a deal.

Expedition Impossible: Kingdom of Morocco [26:35] – Go, Porn ‘staches, GO!

The Bachelorette (Dot, Dot, Dot) [34:45] – Am I the only one who wanted Lucas to street fight her after she didn’t give him a rose? – Tony

Big Brother 13 [48:14] – Julie’s afraid of blowing something. Dick gets pulled out.  Hey, get your mind out of the gutter.

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Glee Project: It must be a male/female thing, because my daughter and I were both uncomfortable with Matheus’ dance. I don’t know if it was his size, the braces, or the fact that a super-sexy dance like that doesn’t seem appropriate for Glee, but it made us squirmy.

As you may remember from my tweets, my daughter and I both liked McKynleigh. We don’t understand why the judges disliked her. The only thought I had was that they mistook her consistency for lack of passion. I mean, she always showed up on time, took her notes as best she could, and didn’t cause any drama. She also had a great voice and looked good on camera. What’s not to like?

Love in the Wild: My 18 yo daughter and I tried to watch it. We jumped in on the 2nd episode and within 10 minutes we were distracted and doing other stuff. Finally we decided to turn the channel. None of the people are interesting or funny enough for me to try this show again.

Expedition Impossible: My kids are still enjoying this one, while I’m sort of in and out. BTW, if you are interested in amazingly fit old folks, check out “Are You Fitter Than a Senior?” on Discovery Fit and Health.

Looking forward to next week’s episode!

In watching that episode of the Glee project, all I could think was that I knew the ending from the start. I’m ok with editing to create a sense of story or drama, but this (other than a brief diversion to Alex in the end) was , to me, telegraphed from the very start.
As for Matheus, I thought he did exactly what they asked him to do. A little too much? Maybe. But he was dancing for his life on the show.

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