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Back Seat Box Office #48 Results and Voice Mail

Normally, this would be where we’d congratulate someone for the high score of the week.  But when the high score is only 18(Congrats Jeff), I thought it’d be more fun to call out all the wimps who DID NOT participate this week.

  • Crazy Jeff
  • Rich
  • Sergio
  • William
  • Jon W.

Thanks for the voicemail from:

  • Art (Congrats on the impending fatherhood)
  • Tad
  • Tim

5 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #48 Results and Voice Mail”

I’d prefer to wait around until friday to make my predictions, but I’m going to be at PAX and I don’t think I’ll have time. I should probably just skip this week, but I don’t want to be accused of being a wimp…

1. The Help — don’t want to underestimate these girls yet again
2. Columbiana — don’t know much about this but I’ve seen lots of commercials
2. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – As if the movies coming out weren’t horror enough… haven’t seen very many commercials that I can recall
4. Rise of the Planet of the Apes — those apes are tough, they are still going to hang on to the leaderboard.
5. Spy Kids 4 — someone has to come in fifth and SK4 seems the most likely.

The movie “War Games” taught me that sometimes the only winning move is not to play. Number 7 on the list, baby!

Cougron, I think you’ve got something there with The Help.

1) The Help – in a weak field, it has the strongest play.

2) Columbiana – More action, but with a hot Zoe Saldana playing a grown-up version of Natalie Portman’s character from Leon.

3) Spy Kids 4 – Not sure, but feels right.

4) Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – Is it just me, or does Katie Holmes look terrible? I mean, she was looking pretty good in Batman Begins, but it seems like the longer she is the most recent annex in the Tom Cruise Ego Museum, the more worn she looks.

5) Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Still throwing monkey poo, still fully convinced that the 150,000 total apes in the world will kill all 6 billion of us. Yeah, pull the other one, it’s got bells on it. Crazy-ass apes, kill ’em all.

Hey, and you guys not playing, man up. Anyone can get a good score during blockbuster season, with one, maybe two new releases a week. The real men & women get good scores during the rest of the year.

For the record. I’m trying to get all my “I’m too busy to participate” weeks in before the season break. and by too busy I mean too lazy.

but seriously. if I get behind on podcast listing, I don participate. I’m stepping up my podcast consumption . . . . NOW

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