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Back Seat Box Office #62

All three hosts tied this week with 25 points. Eleven weeks into Season Two Tony is in first with 21.55 points, Jonathan is in second with 19.27 points and Andrew is in third with 18.82.

Visit our scoreboard for a comprehensive list of results as well as an explanation of our scoring system. Play along at home, email or call your picks in before noon on Saturday and get on the board.

New movies debuting in wide release this weekend are Arthur Christmas, Hugo and The Muppets.

Picks for the week:

  1. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One
  2. The Muppets
  3. Arthur Christmas
  4. Happy Feet 2
  5. Immortals


  1. The Muppets
  2. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One
  3. Arthur Christmas
  4. Happy Feet 2
  5. Hugo


  1. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One
  2. The Muppets
  3. Arthur Christmas
  4. Happy Feet 2
  5. Hugo

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6 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #62”

Jonathan- bold move! That being said, in addition to this week sucking I’m having a couple of head vs. heart battles. The extra two days in the mix are not helping (in my head it’s not even Friday.) So what’s gonna win out? Nostalgia or math?

1)Twilight, or, the shiny happy “vampire” movie, part 1 (or 4 or whatever)– head wins here. While it is mathematically possible for Muppets to take #1– and I reeeeaaallly want them to– I can’t do it. The clincher is, oddly, Jonathan. His nostalgia picks are kind of like Andrew and Relativity–a reason to bet the other way. (Still kinda hope I’m wrong, but Tony’s average is closer….)

2) The Muppets– god I love these guys! I’m really happy they’re back, with the only (personal) drawback being that nephew the younger is too much of a spaz to sit through an entire movie, or we’d be there already.

3) Happy Feet 2- the second “head wins” pick- I really think Hugo will do well, despite the lower number of screens. Just not enough to be sure it’ll make it to #3 (though it could, or do worse, so this is hedging, the penguins should be at least #4.)

4) Hugo- yeah, a risky pick (and if a was REALLY messing with Tony, I’d have laid all this out on you guys!) Despite the low number of screens, its 3D, so it gets that $$ bump- and is widely said to be the best use of 3D in many a moon, and from an auteur to boot. The low number of screens are surely in places where people will see Scorsese, like NY and LA (even w/o kids!) (and in 3D too!) And didn’t Courageous do like $9 opening on less screens? So it IS possible for Hugo to do $10-12 mil (and this whole run-on is either me picking the upset ala’ Puss in Boots, or justifying my inevitable fall.)

5) Arthur Christmas- another kinda risky pick, but not b/c I think it will be higher. All week I’ve been thinking this will be the one that doesn’t meet expectations; maybe it’s that Aardman is like Johnny English- more of an overseas thing, or that its too early for Christmas, or just… whatever. I just think this is the one that’ll loose out on the kids derby- penguins for the young, Muppets for the older, Hugo above that. It could even tank- but the drops on Immortals and Jack & Jill (and that I really don’t want to pick a Sandler movie) make me think that even a $4-6 million will be enough.

Breaking Dawn – You just can’t keep a good vampire down. or a bad one.
Muppets – Come on, it’s the MUPPETS!!!!!!
Happy Feet – It’s thanksgiving weekend, parets will take their kids to see anything this weekend.
Hugo – I haqve seen absolutely no marketing forthis, but it screams “Hey parents, take your kids too old for happy feet, but too young for breaking dawn to this movie”.
Immortals – Cause I really dont wantto put Jack and Jill in my top five. ::shudder::

Menolly’s picks for the weekend of November 25 – 27, 2011:
1. Breaking Dawn
2. Hugo
3. Muppets
4. Happy Feet
5. Arthur

my picks for the weekend of November 25 – 27, 2011:
1. Breaking Dawn
2. Muppets
3. Happy Feet
4. Hugo
5. Arthur Christmas

I don’t think any of the big movies have the oomph to oust twilight in its second week, and I think arthur won’t appeal to as many people as hugo, which is heavily advertised. As for me putting happy feet where I did, I’m just being crazy.

aaaaand Mrs. beast’s picks for the weekend of November 25 – 27, 2011:
1. Breaking Dawn
2. Muppets
3. Hugo
4. Arthur
5. Happy Feet

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