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Back Seat Box Office #94 Results and Voice Mail

Thanks for the voicemail from Tad, Art and Tad?

Congrats to Tad and Cougron for the high scores of the week.

Welcome back, BD.

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Sooo… is it wrong of me to want to have William’s recording of “I should trust Lena” playing over and over and over? I’m thinking, not so much wrong.

Hrmm…stable at 21. That’s interesting…

1) The Amazing Spider-man – Ehhh….

2) Ice Age: Continental Drift – I’m of two minds on how this will work. It will either beat down Spidey by a hair, or end up at #2. Right now, with the positive vibes I’m getting in my spider-sense, I’m going to go with #2.

3) Ted – Back to profane plush toys.

4) Brave – Might drop a little faster due to Ice Age, but I have more ideas on this lasting rather than Savages moving up.

5) Savages – Meh. What the hell is this movie anyway?

Mrs. Beast’s picks for the weekend of July 13 – 15, 2012:
1. Spiderman
2. Ice Age
3. Ted
4. Brave
5. Savages

Menolly’s picks for the weekend of July 13 – 15, 2012:
1. Amazing Spiderman
2. Ice Age
3. Ted
4. Brave
5. Savages

Thanks for the Welcome Back- but the picks you read for me weren’t at all what I posted!! (I just checked to make sure- they’re on last weeks show.)

So lets get that adjusted and I’ll get that TOP spot, ok? 😉 (and depending, maybe William gets to take back that “I should trust Lena”? :P)

This week: It’s all about the #1 spot. Almost dittoed Father Beast, he seemed kinda prescient last week, but I don’t know if a 4th installment of a second tier kid’s franchise can do it with other good kids fare still in theaters. Ice Age just screams ‘wait for dvd’ to me.
That being said, it would be a hard tanking for it to not beat the $33-40 million Spider-Man could make (and that’s with a lower drop off- Spider-Man could also drop heavy this week. I just don’t think it will.) Soooooo:

1) Amazing Spider-Man
2) Ice Age 4
3) Ted
4) Brave
5) Savages

Well… hell… you’re right, BD. My giant mistake, my giant apologies! You did, in fact, get a 23 and you did, in fact, have the top spot. And yes, William gets to take back his “I should trust Lena.” Double hell. The maths will be corrected and updated with the next set of picks.

Lena, sorry you lot your sound bite from William, but hey, maybe the future holds more… like now, when I change my picks!

SO I just a little bit ago heard an NPR story that had the upshot that the only genre that isn’t falling recently is ‘computer animated.’ True enough, as it’s mostly Pixar, but also this factoid, that Ice Age 4 is almost 75% 3D screens, thus calling the higher price… sooo….

1) Ice Age 4
)Amazing Spider-Man

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