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Back Seat Box Office #98 Results and Voice Mail

I forgot to get William the file he needed – Sorry, Tad! (Who did actually send in a voice mail.  I promise!)

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It’s Friday, and we all know what that means, that means it’s time to submit picks for this week’s box office.

1) The Bourne Legacy – Kind of a question mark for me. I think it may head to the top based on # of theaters and exhaustion of The Dark Knight Rises, but don’t know about how the Campaign will do.

2) The Campaign – All this serious stuff, and Zach Galifanakis & that idiot Will Ferrell can bring in some bucks at the time of the year when we are all experiencing political campaign exhaustion.

3) The Dark Knight Rises – Still hanging on.

4) Total Recall – Get your ass to Mars. There may be more theater-goers there.

5) Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Could overtake Total Recall, but with everything else that’s out, kids may be too busy with everyone tooling up for school.

1) Bourne Legacy – action movies will usually do go there first week unless they are up against another action movie or are ‘obviously’ bad which this is probably not
2) The Campaign – will ferrell movies usually do pretty decent no matter the subject, but politicians may be pushing it…
3) Dark Knight Rises – I’m Batman
4) Hope Springs – no idea what this is, but it should amass a certain minimum audience–enough to get it in the top 5.
5) Total Recall – Why go to this flick? I totally forgot…. 😉

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