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Back Seat Box Office #104 Results and Voice Mail

Congrats to Lena and Mrs. Beast for their perfect scores this week!

Thanks to Tad for his voice mail!

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It’s that magical time of the week, and “OH MY GOD!” I’m actually in the top 5 of the leaderboard! Someone check and see if Hell has frozen over, because that’s about what I was expecting to happen for me to get in the top 5.

Okay, now I’m back to normal. Let’s look at the releases for this week…

1) End of Watch – Honestly, I’m throwing darts this week for picks. I think End of Watch has enough star power associated with its high-energy concept to boot the lovely Milla Jovovich and the hotter Michelle Rodriguez from #1. Theater count combined with lackluster releases overall is going to put this in the top.

2) Resident Evil – Retribution – Milla is hot. Michelle is hotter. Hot chicks, guns, zombies, action, why not?

3) Trouble with the Curve – What is this about? I know it is Clint Eastwood and people love him, but really, what is this about?

4) Finding Nemo 3D – Why not? I think it might hang on another week.

5) Dredd – Because Judge Dredd is a bad-ass and Karl Urban’s going to execute summary justice on some bad guys. I’m kind of disappointed in the over-emphasis on 3D in this film’s marketing, but, whatever.

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