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Back Seat Box Office #109 Results and Voice Mail

Congrats to Lena and Uriah for their perfect scores to start the new season.

Thanks to Art and Tad for their voice mail contributions.

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Well, let’s look at the releases for this weekend. I can only do worse from here.

1) Paranormal Activity 2 – I think this will stay on top mostly because of the strength of the lame-ass found-footage style vs the strangeness of Cloud Atlas & Silent Hill 2 being “meh”.

2) Silent Hill: Revelations – For everyone who wants to see a new scary movie this weekend and saw Paranormal Activity 2 last weekend. Theater count does it for me.

3) Cloud Atlas – For the weirdness of it all and the awesome visual style of the Wachowskis.

4) Argo – Because it’s getting the high critical praise. And it’s not a lame-ass film for the Halloween season and not everyone is going to understand Cloud Atlas.

5) Taken 2 – No clue, just seems like a safe choice.

making my preditions earlier then usual just so I don’t forget:

1) Argo – finally a Star Blazers movie!
2) Cloud Atlas – Box Office Mojo is very pessimistic about this movie, but I have some higher hopes. don’t think it will get #1 unfortunately
3) Paranormal Activity 4 – weekend before halloween ’nuff said.
4) Silent Hill 2 – never played the game, never watched the first one. I did think that there were already two movies. Guess not
5) Hotel Transylvania – this movie just won’t die, unfortunately.

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