Back Seat Box Office Shows

Back Seat Box Office #110



  1. Argo
  2. Silent Hill 2: Revelation 3D
  3. Fun Size
  4. Cloud Atlas
  5. Chasing Mavericks


  1. Paranormal Activity 4
  2. Silent Hill 2: Revelation 3D
  3. Chasing Mavericks
  4. Fun Size
  5. Argo


  1. Argo
  2. Hotel Transylvania
  3. Silent Hill 2: Revelation 3D
  4. Paranormal Activity 4
  5. Cloud Atlas
There are no other movies in wide release this weekend.


Our picks for Back Seat Indie Box Office:

Lena – The Loneliest Planet

Scott – Pusher

Jeff – Orchestra of Exiles


3 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #110”

Menolly’s picks for the weekend of October 26 – 28, 2012:
1. Paranormal Activity 4
2. Fun Size
3. Silent Hill: Revelations
4. Argo
5. Taken 2

Of the new movies, I only see one (Cloud Atlas) as capable of taking #1, and two that I don’t even want to risk picking, the tracking on RT is so low…

1) Argo- that crazy low % drop last week and a (still) higher screen count keeps this #1, I think/hope.

2) Cloud Atlas- the only one I’ve seen ads for. In fact, I was beginning to wonder where all the movie ads had gone– and then I realized, I’m in Ohio. In a close election year. (Just saw a report: in Columbus, 45 of 45 ads during the hour of news were political. Ouch!) But the buzz on RT is soooo much higher than anything else that I think it’ll do okay, despite the lower screen count (thinking if people do go out, it’ll be to see this.) And I’d really hate it if this bombed; it’s crazy ambitious, and I like to see that.

3) Silent Hill: Revelation- I think this can take PA4 in its second week…

4) Paranormal Activity 4- …but it’ll be close, either way.

5) Hotel Transylvania- ok, 3rd time’s the charm, right? It can’t possibly lose to Taken 2 & burn me three weeks in a row, right? Right?

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