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Back Seat Box Office #143 & Results #142

Congrats to Scott for his high score of 24!

Thanks to Nick for his magnificent voice mail!


Jeff & Art

  1. Man of Steel
  2. This is the End
  3. The Purge
  4. Now You See Me
  5. Fast & Furious 6

Back Seat Art House:

  • Jeff & Art – The Bling Ring



4 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #143 & Results #142”

Ok, here we go:

1) Man of Steel- duh. Even my Dad (sorta) knows about this one. The real questions: are the WB expectations too high? This is the DC Iron Man, not The Avengers. (That Makes Green Lantern the first Hulk movie, don’t it?)

2)This is the End- any other week this could be #1. We had a local preview screening that was full over 30 minutes ahead of the show.

3) The Purge- the surprise of last week.

4) Now You See Me- added screens. And I’d see this one, even on MoS weekend. Close call here.

5)Fast & Furious 6- has more screens. Still. (Loved it, but Seen it.) (And why I didn’t just ‘ditto?’ B/c I changed 4&5 as I was typing…

Art House pick: The Bling Ring- nice complement to This is The End.

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