BSP Episode 288: Dredd

Release date – 9/7/2012




  • Pete Travis


  • Alex Garland
  • Andrew MacDonald
  • Allon Reich


  • Alex Garland

Based on Judge Dredd by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra



  • Karl Urban – Judge Dredd
  • Olivia Thirlby – Judge Cassandra Anderson
  • Wood Harris – Kay
  • Lena Headey – Ma-Ma


  • Dresden audio books.
  • Harry is a dick.
  • If you start as an a-hole and you stay an a-hole and is a-holish in the same ways…
  • Bless you, Darrell.
  • Again, Darrell.
  • Dredd.
  • Best interpretation based on the comic books.
  • Karl Urban had the frown!
  • Great cinematography.
  • The life and times of Lena Headey.
  • Red eye… Kitt and cylons.
  • Some of the action went to ridiculous places.
  • A good way to spend a rainy afternoon if you’re looking for an action movie.
  • Can someone get Darrell a lozenge?
  • The comic book is written in real time.
  • This movie felt like a pilot.  A good pilot.
  • New comedy TV pilots.
  • Man of Steel & Superman.
  • Superman’s mullet.
  • Cat poop.
  • Batman can’t stop thinking about sex.
  • There’s very few causes better than boobs.


Trivial bits & pieces:

  • Some of Ma-Ma’s tattoos are Lena Headey’s actual tattoos, that were expanded by the make-up artists.
  • Body count: 102
  • The graffiti throughout Peach Trees has names of characters from the Judge Dredd strip, such as Chopper and Kenny Who?


Your Producers for this episode were:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • David

This episode was recorded:  9/18/13

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