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Back Seat Box Office #179

Welcome back and congrats to BD for his high score of 25!

Welcome back and thanks to Scuba Dave for his voice mail.



  1. The LEGO Movie
  2. Pompeii
  3. About Last Night
  4. RoboCop
  5. The Monuments Men


  1. The LEGO Movie
  2. About Last Night
  3. Pompeii
  4. RoboCop
  5. The Monuments Men

Art’s House Picks:

  • Jeff – The Wind Rises
  • Lena – Barefoot

6 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #179”

1) Lego Movie — Lego Domination! Woohoo!
2) About Last Night — I hope we can still be friends. taking a chance on this one, it could easily be fourth instead.
3) Pompeii – What will be the bigger disaster, the natural one or this movie?
4) RoboCop
5) Monuments Men

Ok, here we go:

1) The Lego Movie- unstoppable playthings go!

2) 3 Days to Kill- Kevin Costner tries the Liam Neeson thing. And more screens than…

3) Pompeii- Jon Snow vs. the volcano. Has some draw, I must admit.

4) Robocop- did better than I thought it would last week, so I suspect there is _some_ interest in the remake.

5) The Monuments Men- mostly b/c it’s solid cast should equal slower % drop, but also to hedge against the large drop I expect About Last Night to take (that one is soooo last week.)

Art’s House Pick is The Wind Rise. Because it’s cool.

and a bonus- a new player! My girlfriend has made picks too. Nancy says:

Ditto BD.

For the Art’s House pick: The Wind Rises

No box office results this week?

My picks for 2/28/2014-03/02/2014
1)Non-Stop –
2) Son of God –
3) Lego Movie –
4) 3 days to kill
5) pompeii

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