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BSP Episode 316: Fargo

Join the gang as they discuss the 1996 film Fargo.

Fargo is the 1996 black comedy from the Coen brothers and is among the more famous in their long line of comedies—others include The Big Lebowski and Raising Arizona—exploring the dark side of humanity. Fargo is the story of Jerry Lundegaard, a Minneapolis car salesman with money problems who finds two out-of-town thugs to kidnap his wife in order to get the ransom money from his controlling father-in-law. Everything that can go wrong does and tragic and blood-soaked comedy ensues, punctuated by an exaggerated accent (don’tcha know), Minnesota nice behavior, and one well-placed wood chipper. Fargo won two Oscars: Best Actress for Frances McDormand and Best Original Screenplay for Joel and Ethan Coen.

Worth noting:

  •  Darrell talks about the new movie Belle.
  • Happy anniversary to BSP! The first episode of FBSD was released April 30, 2006.
  • Next week, we’re going to mourn the great loss of Bob Hoskins.
  • Is desecration of a corpse illegal in England? Listen to find out why in the world we’d ask that question.
  • In which Jolie tries to explain, to a room full of dudes, why more female characters in movies is important.
  • More hot Naked and Afraid talk… not that we’re a broken record or anything.
  • Also, we sometimes talk about Fargo. Jolie calls this a great movie while others call it “okay.” We enjoyed the acting and the characters but some of us weren’t shocked by the antics that may have shocked audiences when it was first released.
  • For drinking purposes, the Idris Elba count in this episode is 4.

Featured in this episode:

  • Tony
  • Jolie
  • Darrell
  • David

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