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We Don’t Make Movies, But We’ll Let You Know What Is and Isn’t Working in Hollywood.

Back Seat Box Office #189


May 9, 2014

Hey, I just met you.
And this is crazy,
But here’s our episode,
with show notes maybe.

2 thoughts on “Back Seat Box Office #189”
  1. One) Neighbors. I’ve heard there has been a big marketing campaign but I’ve only ever seen one commercial and I wasn’t paying attention at the time.
    Two) Amazing Spider Man 2 – not so amazing
    Three) The Other Woman
    Four) Mom’s Night Out – A mom movie for mother’s day?
    Five) Legends of Oz. I want to like this movie, but as one site puts it, the commercials make it look cheap and that is going to turn people off. Think I’m taking a big risk putting it as has as number 5.

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