Back Seat Producers Season 05 Shows Special Guests

BSP Episode 152: The Last Airbender

Your Producers for this episode are:

  • Tony
  • Holden
  • David
  • Darrell

This episode was recorded: 8/11/10

Back Seat Producers Season 05 Shows Special Guests

BSP Episode 150: Tron

We normally don’t release episodes on Saturdays, but this one is a special anniversary with a special guest.  Happy New Year!

Your Producers for this episode are:

  • Tony
  • Tee
  • David
  • Darrell

This episode was recorded 0n: 7/14/10

Back Seat Producers Pixar Season 05 Shows Special Episode Special Guests

BSP Special Episode 11: Pixar

This is a LONG episode.

Originally, this was going to be 3 episodes, but with how far behind we are, and the holiday season upon us, we decided to release this as one big episode.

Please enjoy this, and have a very merry Christmas.

Your Producers for this episode are:

  • Tony
  • David
  • David – TheGreatMrChibi

This episode was recorded on: 7/31/10

Back Seat Producers Season 05 Shows Special Guests

BSP Episode 143: Ghost in the Shell

Your Producers for this episode:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • Guest Producer – Christiana Ellis

This episode was recorded: 5/5/10

Back Seat Producers Season 05 Shows Special Guests

BSP Episode 142: The Fancast – Terminator 2

Your Producers for this episode:

None… the fans took over!!!

The Fans:

  • Chris
  • Sarah
  • Jonathan
  • David)

This episode was recorded: 03/17/2010

(Note:  Yep, there is no real “ending” to the episode.  Rumor has the fans are somewhere, still talking…

Back Seat Producers Season 05 Shows Special Guests

BSP Episode 136: The Princess and The Frog

Your Producers:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • Den
  • David

The Subject:  Animation, Disney, The Princess and The Frog

This Episode was recorded 4/14/2010.

Best Picture Nominated Shows Special Episode Special Guests

BSP Special Episode 09: Tee vs. Avatar

Special thanks to Stingray and The Great Mr. Chibi for writing this episode’s show notes on short notice.



Drink Check: Nothing! Was there an intervention? We hope not.

0:00:00 Intro-D’AWW-ction
0:00:45 Support Tee and Sonic Boom @
0:03:14 Welcome to the IMDT
0:03:33 Font of useless knowledge? Or font of AWESOME!
0:04:50 The Worst Taglines for Movies Ever Made. My personal vote: “Laugh. Cry. Share the pants.”
0:05:10 Chuck Norris – Silent Rage
0:07:00 A Beginners Manual for The Backseat Producers. Don’t listen too closely– it doesn’t matter once Tee gets going.
0:08:13 Teaser for the Tee Morris Unified Theory of Avatar, District 9, and The Hangover. I wish I’d been let on the show–I have my own theory uniting Megan Fox and Keira Knightly… it has been researched thoroughly. Every night.
0:09:00 High Level Thoughts: Darrell, Tony, and Chris moderately like it; Tee hates it with the power of a burning sun.
0:09:56 Addendum to the drinking game – One Drink whenever Tee mentions being in New Zealand.
0:10:45 Tee – “It is pretty. Very, very pretty.”
0:12:30 Chris – “In the hands of a better writer, and a director less focused on visuals…”
0:13:15 Darrell – “It’s fun to watch.”
0:14:00 Tony – “Jazz Singer, Wizard of Oz, and Star Wars.”
0:14:08 Tee chokes.
0:15:00 3D has arrived.
0:15:15 Our boys debate the numbers–isn’t News from the Back Seat supposed to cover this?
0:17:30 The IMAX InExperience
0:18:25 The Theater Experience – Good luck recreating that at home.
0:20:40 Tee busts out a parable.
0:21:20 The Tee Critique – “It Lacks Heart.”
0:22:07 Tony vociferously defends Titanic.
0:22:58 “That is so un-Cameron.”
0:23:40 “That’s an insult to cookie cutters.”
0:24:20 The Dreamer’s Thread by Starla Huchton!
0:25:10 Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell
0:25:45 Mini-spoiler warning.
0:26:15 “I would say it’s plagiarism!” There’s a difference between homage and derivative.
0:27:00 Podcast RAGE!
0:27:25 Whedon and Cameron–Dollhouse and Avatar
0:28:20 Tee is still holding back. Chris is scared.
0:28:55 Darrell tries to interject.
0:29:40 Chris almost gets killed via Skype.
0:29:45 Star Wars RAGE!
0:30:30 Looking forward to Glee and SG:U coming back.
0:30:45 Glee is brilliant. The commercials didn’t do it justice.
0:31:30 Glee and the Art of Mashups–Weren’t we talking about a movie? Abba Tart or something like that?
0:32:35 We’re bringing it back to Avatar? The hell you say!
0:33:30 Oh look, Tony’s disagreeing. Take a drink everybody!
0:34:00 This is a SciFi movie for people who don’t like SciFi movies–wasn’t that Star Trek?
0:35:40 Star Wars achetypes: Virginal Princess, Young Hero, Rogue, Villain, Mentor, Abbott & Costello
0:35:55 I wonder if the Virginal Princess’s Walking Carpet matches the drapes…
0:37:15 Can the man on the street name a third Cameron film?
0:38:30 Tee – Terminator was better than expected. Aliens was better than expected.
0:39:45 Agreed: Alien solved the problem of the haunted house.
0:40:55 Do you think Tee didn’t care for the characters in Avatar?
0:41:15 Nobody loves General Badass. Even though he doesn’t need air to kill you.
0:41:45 Tony liked the Corporate Douchebag.
0:42:45 Cameron dropped Michael Bean to avoid ripping off Aliens too much. Too little too late?
0:42:10 Speaking of Aliens, why didn’t the military just nuke the site from orbit? Its the only way they could have been sure!
0:44:00 Tony skips around Tee’s point.
0:44:40 The Russian film is The Battleship Potemkin. Check out the Odessa Stair scene–it’s film history! 😀
0:45:30 “It was so stupid on so many levels….”
0:46:05 There was so much in the script that would have made this film better, but was cut in the interest of…. We’re not sure, actually.
0:46:50 Exciting Behind-The-Scenes Information!
0:48:00 This isn’t a white guilt movie, but a corporate greed movie.
0:48:45 District 9 enters the fray!
0:49:00 Tee – District 9 is the better version of Avatar.
0:51:00 Less money makes for better movies? Wait for the TMUTAD9TH.
0:52:20 Tee wants more District 9.
0:52:50 Tony votes for Up for Best Picture.
0:53:30 Tony tries to dive into uncharted waters. Chris pulls us back from the edge.
0:54:20 Cameron’s got a standard baddie.
0:55:10 Another Tee Morris drinking game addendum: One drink–”Kingdom of the Crystal Suck”
0:56:00 Avatar didn’t give Tee any fun moments.
0:57:40 It’s decided that Tee isn’t the market for this movie.
0:57:50 Here comes the TMUTAD9TH!
0:58:00 Actually, I guess we’re just gonna wank about The Hangover for a bit.
0:59:00 IT’S HERE! The TMUTAD9TH!
0:59:30 Holy crap! Avatar cost a lot of money.
0:59:45 Holy crap! Avatar made a lot of money.
1:00:15 Analysts are surprised. Again. Who are these people, and why do we listen to them?
1:00:45 District 9 didn’t cost much, but made a lot. Percentage-wise, anyway.
1:01:25 The Hangover followed the D9 theory of money-making.
1:02:00 It seemed like The Hangover was in theaters FOREVER!
1:03:00 Tee wants to see Hollywood focus on story and character, and less on over-the-top production costs. The other hosts politely withhold hysterical laughter.
1:04:45 Tee’s skipping Cloverfield because he’s worried about The Avatar Effect.
1:05:45 Tee was pleasantly surprised with The Gamer.
1:07:00 Looking forward to the Tee Morris Rant™ if Avatar gets Best Picture.
1:07:30 LENS FLARE!!!
1:09:00 This show-note writer isn’t shovelling out the money.
1:10:00 Good on Cameron for bringing back the Theatrical Event.
1:11:25 The District 9 short film.
1:12:00 The Hangover beat Star Trek last year by $20,000,000.
1:13:00 Didn’t get to the Deep Geeking, Tony? Really?
1:13:30 Darrell closes the night by inciting the wrath of Tee.

Back Seat Producers Season 04 Shows Special Episode Special Guests

BSP Episode 100A: Tee Morris presents 100 Movie Review in 100 Minutes

Yep this is it.  Part 1 of our 2 part Episode 100 extravaganza!

We are joined by Tee Morris via the magic of Skype (warts and all) for a marathon session of reviewing films.

The goal was 100 movies in 100 minutes.  We hit 100 movies at about the 40 minute mark and made it to 128 movies by the end.

Nope, I don’t know where the list is, but if I find it, I’ll scan and post it.  In the meantime, if someone wants to catalog the list and email it to me…. Send it along, I’ll credit your effort.

Oh yeah, and this one is explicit.

The following was added on September 24, 2009.

Alright, kiddies…  Our good friend and fan Jeff Bailey has done what we were too lazy to do.  I’ll let his work speak for itself.  Enjoy!

This Island Earth (2:11)
The Day The Earth Stood Still (2:49)
Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Movie (3:48)
Forbidden Planet (5:15)
Lost In Space (7:26)
Immortal Beloved (8:54)
Leon The Professional (aka The Professional) (9:21)
“Tee’s 1st F-Bomb” (9:35)
Heat (10:55)
Miami Vice (12:09)
“Tee’s 2nd F-Bomb” (12:17)
Godzilla [Japanese version] (12:54)
Stranger Than Fiction (13:12)
The Notebook (13:33)
Dracula (Francis Ford Coppola) (14:40)
Dracula (Bela Legosi) (14:56)
Nosferatu (15:27)
Shadow of the Vampire (15:44)
Dracula 2000 (16:28)
The Fifth Element (17:04)
Batman Begins/The Dark Knight (18:59)
American Psycho (19:46)
The Machinist (19:50)
Iron Man (20:08)
The Harry Potter Movies (22:00)
The Untouchables (22:38)
Dances With Wolves (23:19)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (23:47)
Field of Dreams(24:34)
Waterworld (25:08)
The Godfather 1, 2 and 3 (25:45)
The Insider (28:14)
Manhunter (28:34)
Silence of the Lambs (29:01)
Hannibal (30:22)
Good Fellas (31:17)
Analyze This (31:52)
The Batman Movie (32:50)
Batman (33:20)
Batman Returns (33:27)
Batman Forever (34:51)
Batman and Robin (36:29)
The Punisher – War Zone (37:56)
The Punisher (reboot) – (38:12)
“Tee’s 3rd F-Bomb” (38:45)
The Punisher (original) – (39:19)
Flash Gordon (39:58)
The Watchmen (41:05)
Elektra (42:09)
Daredevil (42:54)
The Hulk (Eric Bana) (43:23)
The Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton) (43:38)
Fight Club (44:14)
Superman 1 (46:40)
“Tony gets sprung” (47:00)
Superman 2 (47:18)
Superman 3 (48:15)
Superman 4 (48:37)
X-Men 1 (50:00)
X-men 2 (50:50)
X-men 3 (51:16)
Snatch (52:50)
“Tee’s Skype connection drops” (53:57)
Casino Royale (reboot) – (54:20)
Thunderball (55:16)
Dr. No (55:20)
You Only Live Twice (55:32)
Never Say Never Again (55:55)
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (56:30)
“Tee is back on Skype” (57:48)
“Tee’s Fourth F-Bomb” (57:49)
The Avengers (57:37)
Dr. No (58:28)
From Russia With Love (58:42)
Goldfinger (59:06)
“Tee’s Fifth F-Bomb” (59:17)
Thunderball (59:26)
You Only Live Twice (59:45)
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1:00:12)
Diamonds are Forever (1:00:45)
Live and Let Die (1:01:54)
The Man with the Golden Gun (1:02:09)
The Spy Who Loved Me (1:02:50)
Moonraker (1:03:18)
For Your Eyes Only (1:04:01)
Octopussy (1:05:02)
“Tee calls shenanigans on Maude Adams” (1:05:15)
“Tee’s Sixth F-Bomb” (1:05:40)
A View To A Kill (1:05:49)
The Living Daylights/License To Kill (1:06:21)
Goldeneye (1:07:20)
The World Is Not Enough (1:07:29)
Die Another Day (1:07:34)
Tomorrow Never Dies (1:07:50)
Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace (1:08:12)
The Rundown (1:09:22)
Captain Blood (1:09:57)
“Tee’s Seventh F-Bomb” (1:10:02)
The Seahawk (1:10:15)
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (1:10:58)
Virtuosity (01:11:26)
Deja Vu (01:11:44)
Gladiator (01:12:29)
The Six Star Wars Movies [SW/ESB/ROTJ/TPM/AOTC/ROTS] (01:13:55)
“Tony’s 1st F-Bomb” (1:15:40)
“Tee’s Eighth F-Bomb” (1:15:56)
“Tee’s Ninth F-Bomb” (1:20:06)
The Matrix Movies (The Matrix/The Matrix Reloaded/ The Matrix Revolutions) (1:20:24)
“Tee’s Tenth F-Bomb” (1:21:11)
The Indiana Jones Trilogy (Raiders of the Lost Ark/Temple Of Doom/Last Crusade) (1:24:04)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (1:27:47)
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Fellowship/Two Towers/Return of the King) (1:30:09)
The Starship Troopers Trilogy (Starship Troopers)(1:32:11)
Total Recall (1:32:59)
Predator (1:33:05)
Terminator (1:33:12)
Basic Instinct (1:33:17)
“Adam drops some ‘Mr. Skin’ knowledge” (1:33:43)
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1:33:55)
Basic Instinct 2 (1:34:17)
Starship Troopers (continued) (1:34:39)
Airplane (1:36:08)
Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (1:36:27)
Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (1:37:09)
Back to the Future Trilogy (1:38:19)
“Adam gets sprung (time travel)” (1:38:28)
“Tee gut punches Adam” (1:38:46)
“Tee’s Eleventh F-Bomb” (1:39:14)
Time Rider : The Adventures of Lyle Swann (01:39:49)
Time After Time (1:40:38)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (01:41:12)
Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan (01:41:14)
Star Trek III : The Search for Spock (01:41:17)
Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home (01:41:18)
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (01:41:20)
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (01:41:24)


Thank you, Tee

Thank you, Jeff

and thanks to everyone who has listened to us couple of guys having some drinks and chattin’ up some movies.

Back Seat Producers Season 04 Shows Special Episode Special Guests

BSP Special Episode 08: An Interview with In-Three

In this special episode, we abandon our regular gig of reviewing films and talk with Neil and Matt from In-Three.  In-Three is a company that developed and patented a process called Dimensionalization® that makes it possible to create high quality, artifact-free 3D films from 2D films.

Come listen as discuss how this technology which was once seen as only a gimmick to give audiences a new viewing experience can be applied to the palette of tools that film-makers can use to enrich the movie going experience and draw audiences more deeply into the stories they are telling.

We also discuss the wealth of information on their website,, and at their companion blog,

After listening, we’d love to hear from you guys.  What movies would you like to see this technology applied to?  Leave your comments at the website.

Back Seat Producers Season 03 Shows Special Guests

BSP Episode 092: Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Corpse Bride

Henry Selick and Tim Burton created a masterpiece in Nightmare Before Christmas.

In this episode we discuss the film that features Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, in his attempt to stave off boredom by taking over a different holiday.

We also talk about Henry Selick’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel, Coraline.

And to round things out we chat about Tim Burton’s attempt to capture our imaginations with Corpse Bride.

While these films are generally considered children’s fare, this show is not, and we recommend that you not let your kiddos listen to Adam’s drunken ramblings.