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FBSD Episode 9.5: Feedback, Chick Flicks and Boy Flicks

Thanks to Jesse (who, for the record, is a guy), Chris, Eliz and Mom.

We’ve got a couple of email from Jesse, a note from Mom, and a voice message from the two girls from Two Girls and a Podcast, Chris and Eliz.

Based on the message from Chris and Eliz, we going on a long rambling discussion of what makes a Chick Flick and how we defined Boy Flicks.

We are still looking for some hints on how we should define these types of films, so if you’ve got some added insight… please, let us know.

And yes… we are aware that we missed quite a few films when talking about Boy Flicks.

Animal House, anyone?

Enjoy and please, shoot us some notes on any of the things we discuss here or on any of our previous shows.


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0 replies on “FBSD Episode 9.5: Feedback, Chick Flicks and Boy Flicks”

When we were making our comments Eliz had specified that no porn in the boy flicks, and I said yeah and we veto the porn. But then I decided to edit it out. Hehe, guess we were right to think that you would bring it up. 😉

Chris, congrats! You are our first comment on the website!


Yeah, I wasn’t sure if I should bring up porn, but you know… it’s porn… you can’t stop it, it’s a force. Thanks for the message and the follow up comments… we could have recorded 3 or 4 more complete episodes on the Chick Flick/Boy Flick topic alone.


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