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FBSD Episode 10: Here be Super-Spoilers

We expand our discussion of Superman Returns to include all of the spoilerific moments.

Please, if you don’t want to to be spoiled to major plot points in the film, Do NOT listen to this until after you see Superman Returns.

That FOOL Tony has made a mistake and, of course, I had to come in and save there butts… AGAIN… this time though I actually let you folks see all the work these FOOLS make me do. Ugh… When does Smallville start again? – Genie

Noel Neill The picture here is of myself with Noel Neill, the first woman to play Lois Lane in a live-action film… for the Serials, and she was also the Lois Lane in the Adventures of Superman television series from the second season until it’s conclusion.

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One reply on “FBSD Episode 10: Here be Super-Spoilers”

The biggest problem I had with the movie was Lex’s utterly nonsensical scheme. If you think about it for even half a second it falls apart. How exactly is a barren crystal wasteland valuable real estate? If billions of people die won’t the world economy crumble and render money useless? Even if Lex succeeds in creating his new continent, how the hell is he going to keep control of it for himself? The sheer weight of Wha!?s is inescapable. And it’s not limited to Lex either – one minute Supes is struggling to raise the broken ship out of the sea, the next he’s lifting an entire island into space having just been given the old kryptonite shank. WHA!?

It wasn’t all bad though. They pretty much nailed the flying, all the leads gave pretty decent performances given the script, um…….I’m sure there had to more but right now the Lex-badness is overwhelming me 🙁

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