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FBSD Episode 15: A "Very Special" Fanboy Smackdown

This one is very different from our regular episodes.

If this is your first time listening to the show, check out a different episode… this one is personal and very meaningful.

We will return to “normal” (or as normal we get around here) next week.

Thanks for listening!

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That was a powerful and meaningful message. I can’t help but think that only time will cause the date to fade back to normal. There are probably very few today who automatically think of Pearl Harbor when they hear December 7th.

Using a date in that manner has always bothered me too – I mean, if you don’t say September 11th are we going to assume you’re talking about a different attack on the Trade Center?

I hope the date of his birthday doesn’t affect your son in any negative way – I guess since he’s so young 2001 will feel a lot more distant when he gets older.


Thank you so much for the words. I wasn’t sure if I ‘should’ release this here, but I remembered Tee Morris’ tribute to his friend Lisa in a podcast through his The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy podcast.

So far, his birthday is just his birthday. I hope that we can always keep it that way, but I know that the major anniversaries will always get TONS of coverage.

Thanks Tee! I’ll be sure to pass along the Birthday wishes of a pirate to the little guy!

Well, all I can say is a belated happy birthday to you kid. I am sure he won’t be stigmatized by the idea of having a birthday that falls on September 11. The reason? My sister’s birthday is November 11. I don’t know if that date means anything in the States, but it is Rememberance Day here. The day is taken off to remember every Canadian soldier that fell in the wars in which Canada participated.

Every year we go to cenotaph and participate in the ceremony, a somber event in which every name of the soldiers from the town in which we grew up is read off. It takes an hour just standing in the cold. With prayers and finally a 21 gun salute. Yet, Johane has never been negatively affected by it. When she tells people her birthday, people just respond the coincidence. And as you say, it isn’t much of a coincidence she was born on that day. It is after all one of the 365 days in a year.

Great job, Tony. I’m finally caught up with my other podcasts, and have now had a chance to listen. I understand that this isn’t a “normal” show, but it was a great first impression. Again, great job, and a Happy belated Birthday to your son!

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