To the left, to the left…

Yep, we added a few sites to the left.  We also added a calendar of sorts.  Under the “Upcoming Episodes” Category, you’ll see a listing of the next two to four shows we are planning.  Now, you know that the film mentioned might only be a jumping off point to a larger discussion, but you can consider the films there to be homework for the episode.  You can check them out before hand, or listen to our episode to get a review followed by some deeper analysis.  We’ll let you know when we get into a spoiler zone, so we don’t ruin anything for you, if all you want is the review.

As always, we do take suggestions.

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Oh and that reminds me – I think I forgot to say a couple of shows back that I’d love to hear you guys doing DVD commentaries, even if it’s just from time to time 🙂

Yep, now we just need to get the other Tony to finish watching the film in the next two weeks…

Stu… the oversight has been corrected.

And we might do the commentaries when we get back into the swing of cranking out some episodes again. 😀

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