Weekend Box Office For June 6 – 8

#1 Kung Fu Panda the Dreamworks animated feature starring Jack Black debuts in the #1 spot bringing in a cool $60 million. Kung Fu Panda showed in 4114 theaters. Budget was roughly $130 million.

#2 You Don’t Mess with the Zohan debuts in the #2 position this weekend bringing in $40 million. Zohan showed in 3462 theaters. It’s production budget was roughly $90 million.

#3 Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull falls to #3 this weekend bringing in $22.8 million, down 49% from last week. Total income so far is $253,026,000. Crystal Skull showed in 4,190 theaters, down 74. It’s production budget was roughly $185 million.

#4 Sex And The City tumbles to the #4 spot after debuting at #1 last weekend. Sex took in $21.3 million, down % 62.6, and showed in 3,325 theaters, thats up 40 theaters over last weekend. Production cost roughly $65 million.

Rounding out the top 10 are:

#5 The Strangers: Weekend Gross: $9,289,000 down 55.8% / Theaters: 2,477 up 11 / Gross $37,646,000 / Budget: $9 million.

# 6 Iron Man: Weekend Gross: $7,522,000 down 44.5% / Theaters: 2,931 down 719 / Gross $288,893,000 / Budget: $140 million.

#7 The Chonicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian:  Weekend Gross: $5,527,000 down 56.5% / Theaters: 3,065 down 736 / Gross $125,846,000 / Budget: $200 million.

#8 What Happens In Vegas: Weekend Gross: $3,400,000 down 49.1% / Theaters: 2,366, down 720 / Gross: $72,230,000 / Budget: $35 million

#9 Baby Mama: Weekend Gross: $779,000 down 64.5% / Theaters: 922, down 862 / Gross: $57,904,000 / Budget: $30 million

#10 Made Of Honor: Weekend Gross: $775,000 down 59.5% / Theaters: 740, down 1,165 / Gross: $44,660,000 / Budget: $40 million

A note on “Gross”: On average, studios will earn approximately 55 percent of the final gross.

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