Back Seat Producers Season 03 Shows

Episode 64: The Reckoning

As may of the comments have indicated about episode 64, Adam and Tony #2 weren’t really prepared for the discussion of the movies.

Friend of the show, Phil Hicks (Red Earth Saga) has challenged Tony Mast to a battle of movie trivia to reclaim the honor lost by Tony #2 and Adam.

There will be three rounds of contest between the two:

1.) General Movie Trivia
2.) “Name that movie!”
3.) “Finish that quote!”

Here’s where we need your help!

Adam or Tony #2 is going to be MC’ing this contest. As was evidenced in episode 64, we don’t have the requisite movie knowledge to compete with these titans, so we’re going to need you, the audience to e-mail us questions that we can ask the contestants.

You can shoot your questions (and answers please!) over to

Do not send your questions to Tony!

And make sure to post your support for each of the contestants!

You can find more info here.