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BSP Episode 066: Blazing Saddles

Tony, Tony and Adam recorded this special tribute episode to the late, great Harvey Korman in a local bar/restaurant. The sound isn’t the same quality as it usually is, such is the nature of bar ‘casting.

Blazing Saddles

Adam brings up the question that many have considered asking, but when it got around to it were just ambivalent enough not to. “Just how did Tony and Tony meet?”

Next week on the agenda: Blade Runner: The Final Cut… likely with a special guest or two.

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Shyamalan Beats The Hulk In International Markets

M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening, toplining Mark Wahlberg, exceeded expectations in its international debut, just as it did far better domestically ($30.5 million) than predicted. Shyamalan has had a strong track record at the international B.O., with his film grossing more than $800 million.

Hulk, won the June 13-15 frame domestically and both Happening and Hulk did solid opening biz across the Euro box office, although the ongoing European soccer tournament is proving a distraction to male auds. Yet even summer tentpoles Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Sex and the City are still reeling ’em in.

In the U.K., Hulk bit off a big piece of green as it stormed to the top of the charts with $6.3 million on 484 engagements. The superhero pic toplining Ed Norton also netted the best screen average of any pic in the top 10 — $13,019.

Shyamalan’s fourth-place Happening shrugged off poor reviews to make a decent $3.2 million for Fox. Screen average of $8,151 proved a pleasant surprise.

In Italy, Happening took the numero uno spot, Pic bowed at $1.7 million on 363, proving that Shyamalan’s Italo fan base remains loyal in spite of soccer.

The German box office grew by nearly 18% despite the soccer fever gripping the nation, due in part to cooler temperatures and rain throughout much of the country. Sex remained on top in its third session with $2.8 million on its way to a $17.9 million cume, followed by The Crystal Skull, which continued to do well in its fourth lap, grossing $2.1 million toward a $24.7 million total.

Placing No. 3, Fox’s Happening was the best performing new entry in Germany, taking in $1.7 million from 550, well ahead of Shyamalan’s last pic, 2006’s Lady in the Water, which managed $452,817 on its opening weekend and went on to cume just over $1 million.

In France, Happening had a strong first five days, with many critics being far kinder than they were in the U.S. or U.K. Its Wednesday-to-Sunday run earned Fox $4.7 million.

In Spain, where Hulk has yet to bow, Happening comfortably landed the top spot with $3.4 million at 384 for Fox. Pic, which bested exhibs’ expectations, benefited from a warm reception from local critics. Copy average of $8,695 was also a weekend best.



Weekend Box Office For June 20 – 22

#1 Get Smart from Warner Bros. takes the #1 position this weekend bringing in $39.1 million and knocking Universal’s The Incredible Hulk  down to the #3 position. Get Smart showed in 3911 theaters and cost roughly $80 million to make.

#2 Kung Fu Panda from Dreamworks keeps the #2 spot for a second weekend bringing in $21.7 million, down 35% from last weekend. Gross so far is $155,596,000. Kung Fu Panda showed in 4,053 theaters, thats down 83 theaters over last weekend. Budget was roughly $130 million.

#3 The Incredible Hulk from Universal tumbles to the #3 spot in its second weekend bringing in $21.5 million, thats down 61% from last weekend. The Incredible Hulk showed in 3,508 theaters, up 3 over last weekend. Budget was roughly $150 million.

#4 The Love Guru from Paramount debuts this weekend in the #4 spot taking in $14 million. The Love Guru showed in 3012 theaters and cost $62 million.

Rounding out the top 10 are:

#5 The Happening: Weekend Gross: $10,000,000 down 67.2% / Theaters: 2,986 down 480 / Gross $50,267,000 / Budget: $60 million.

#6 Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull: Weekend Gross: $8,414,000 down 42.9% / Theaters: 3,171 down 633 / Gross $290,835,000 / Budget: $185 million

#7 You Don’t Mess with the Zohan: Weekend Gross: $7,200,000 down 56.0% / Theaters: 3,278 down 188 / Gross $84,055,000 / Budget: $90 million.

#8 Sex And The City: Weekend Gross: $6,465,000 million, down % 34 / Theaters: 2442 down 713 / Gross: $132,385,000 / Budget $65 million.

#9 Iron Man: Weekend Gross: $4,002,000 down 28.8% / Theaters: 1,912 down 491 / Gross $304,788,000 / Budget: $140 million.

#10 The Strangers: Weekend Gross: $1,949,000 down 51.6% / Theaters: 1,578 down 832 / Gross $49,586,000 / Budget: $9 million.

A note on “Gross”: On average, studios will earn approximately 55 percent of the final gross.

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Old episodes finally fixed

i'll fix it
more cat pictures

So, after making some changes over to the Back Seat Producers and extending the feed to pull more files into the feed than it had previously, I was reminded of a report I got from a fan that some of the old episodes weren’t downloading properly.

Specifically, these were the “On the Lot” episodes. Most of them had one problem or another that prevented them from being successfully downloaded.

After some trial and error, I have re-uploaded each of the offending files and fixed some of the links within the feed, so if you have tried unsuccessfully to pull these episodes down in the past and are really interested in listening, (Seriously, it was a reality TV show that lasted only one season, I won’t be offended if you skip them.) they are out there.

Thanks for your patience in this. And to make up for it, in just a few hours (tomorrow morning sometime, cause, dude, do you see what time this is posted?) our next episode will be released… early!

Thanks for those that pointed out the issues, and if you have any further problems with downloads, or problems downloading old episodes drop me a note.