"Wanted's" Ending Swap

WARNING!! This article contains SPOILERS for the movie “Wanted”!!

Borys Kit at The Risky Biz Blog wrote in a recent posting that what you see at the end of Universal’s “Wanted” is not the ending that was in the intitial “final” cut. 

“Wanted” is a significant departure from its source material; the villains in the original comic-books were running the show a lot more than they did in the film.

The ending thats being seen has Sloan (Morgan Freeman) turning up to Wesley’s office, standing on the X, with a bullet from Wesley, who’s in his house (as he was at the beginning of the movie), whizzing by Wesley’s ex-girlfriend and ex-boss.

It is kind of a nice, low-key way to exit the story, referring back to what happened at the beginning of the film but it is actually a reshoot. In the original ending, Wesley (James McAvoy) ends up in the room with the loom, weaving and threading, and then gets into a protracted shoot-out with Sloan.  It was your typical Hollywood ending, as bullets shred everything to pieces and Wesley comes out on top.

When it screened back in February, higher-ups didn’t like it because it was another shootout ending. No one, it seemed, did. Too boring. Too been there, shot that. So everyone —  the director, writers, the producers, the execs, the comic creators — got together and came up with the ending that played on the screen.  

In other words, a studio actually opted to scrap the conventional ending for the smarter and fresher one, an ending that cost a lot less but offered a lot more. Judging by the $51 million opening, maybe they should do it more often.

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02. July 2008 by Edward
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