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BSP Episode 067: Blade Runner (The Final Cut)

Adam and the Tonys are joined by John from Fear the Boot, Den Dotson, and Anthony’s brother Arman. They discuss Blade Runner: The Final Cut, and most of the other editions as well. Give it a listen!

Next week’s episode is Backseat Producers: The Reckoning with Phil from The Red Earth Saga podcast.

One reply on “BSP Episode 067: Blade Runner (The Final Cut)”

Well, guys, I’m going to have to again be a dissenting voice. While I haven’t seen the “final cut”, I think the original theatrical release version, voice overs and all, is the best version of Blade Runner. The “director’s cut” and subsequent voiceover-less versions are just flat out different movies….and they’re crap.

Deckard is a man, baby!

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