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BSP Episode 069: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

In tribute to the late George Carlin, we discuss the 1989 film, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Phil (The Red Earth Saga) joins us for a few drinks and a conversation about George, the film, and a few other tangential topics.

Be excellent to each other!

Party on, dudes!

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Wow. I just bought this a few weeks ago, in a two disk set with Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Even now I enjoyed the first one a great deal, the second one was pretty weak in comparison.

I saw George perform live once, and he was really awful. It looked like he was either sick or under the influence. However, I still appreciate his other work.

When did you see George perform? We saw him a couple years ago and he DID look tired. But, I still thought it was awesome.

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