Back Seat Producers Season 04 Shows

BSP Episode 117: Big Trouble in Little China

David as Egg Shen


Adam is now David.

David botches the intro.

Phil threatens David’s colon.

High level impressions.

David makes arbitrary, “I haven’t seen Ghostbusters.”  Comment.

Sarah can’t figure out how to use the chatroom.

Who else could have been Jack Burton?

Phil uses Kim Cattrall to cross the streams of Egg Shen and Yoda.

Phil condones lubing up of Kim Cattrall.

Phil calls out ‘that one white guy’ in the movie.

(Why is Phil leading the conversation?)

Phil drops some truck trivia.

And now we jump on the plot train…

David calls out Darrell as a racist.

More plot.

Is anyone else snickering whenever they say ‘Wang’?

Rule 34 is mentioned.

Kurt Russell = Will Smith

Sarah gets her nails done with dudes.

Phil owned a Fiero.   Listen for it… David is getting bored.

Green Eyes = Bucket Leather Seats.

Security is probably the only thing that’s tight at the White Tiger.

David does Egg Shen.  No one calls him out as racists.

David comments about the size of Wang.

Quotes from the movie and laughter.

Out of context quote:

“… Wang and Jack off…”, said David.

Phil sets the story straight… in creepy voice.

David gets upset when Phil starts quoting Egg Shen early.  Not because it’s out of order, but because Phil beats him to the quote.

Communist allegory?

Oh hell, just listen an enjoy.  Seriously, why are you reading this?

Egg Shen is the Asian Neville Longbottom.  (This explains soooo much about David.)


Phil and David talk about someone who isn’t there to defend himself.   And they’re wrong.

Sarah and Chris are apparently involved in some role-reversal.

David pees.

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Ok, this edition of BSP was great. I think I laughed all the way through. It made me realize how much I love this movie.

It is troubling to me that Tony and I are in the same demo(graphic), but he disliked two of my favorite movies:

Princess Bride and Big Trouble in Little China

It’s one of those things: you’re either in or you’re out. Also, it’s funny how overhyping a movie can how make someone else hate it.

Also, Phil scares me. His two favorite movies (Bride and BCiLC) are also two of my favorites and he then proceeds to profess the Temple of Doom was his favorite of the Indiana Jones trilogy.

Again, great show guys.

This is one of those seminal movies for role-playing games; every character I’ve seen has some element of Jack Burton in them. The scary thing is, now being 28, I’ve run games and said that some NPC is acting like Jack Burton and gotten deer in the headlights looks…from one of these great films.

This is an awesome film, perfect for role-playing games. One of the greats.

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