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BSP Episode 118: Happy Halloween!


We talk about Horror, Thrillers and Suspense movies.

Sorry for the short show notes, but it’s time to go trick or treating.

I leave for you instead the picture above.  Tony’s pumpkin this year.

(A Quick Note – We’ve discovered a technical glitch in the audio file of this episode.  While Chris RE edits the file, why don’t you take a moment and listen to a favorite old episode or rub your tummy full of Halloween  candy, much like Adam/David does every episode. )

(Follow-up Note – The episode has been fixed and can be downloaded NOW in its complete and astounding glory.)

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Unless this is a (rather unfunny) joke, there seems to be something wrong wit the episode, it just goes silent at 14:47 and stays that way until the closing music at 50:06.


Unfortunately, this was NOT a joke. There is, in fact, something wrong with the episode. We are looking into it now, and Chris is working on recovering the edits and regenerating the file.

Unfortunately, this means it might be a day or two before we get this replaced, because he’s already deep into editing the Zombieland episode.

Sorry for the glitch, but hey, we’ve pumped out 25 episodes in 2 months. It’s a miracle we got away with just the one little mistake.

Thanks for pointing out the gaffe. We’re working to get it fixed.

S’cool, shit happens. Just needed to know whether to give sympathy or fist-shaking. Glad to have you guys back, and kind of hoping this gets fixed soon, it sounded like the start of a fun show.

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