Back Seat Reality Shows

Back Seat Reality #5

Show notes to follow.

The Voice

The Glee Project

The Bachelorette

Expedition: Impossible

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The Voice: I really liked Vicci and Cee Lo’s performance of “Love is a Battlefield”. Other critics were harsh on it, but I thought that Vicci’s voice sounded strong and the staging of it was fun. Cee Lo always seems to have something fun up his sleeve.

As for voting, I don’t vote much for these shows, but I have voted for The Voice and Dancing with the Stars because they have online voting. I did take the time to divide my votes between the two contestants I liked the best, but I didn’t bother using all my votes because the servers were so overloaded that the pages crashed repeatedly.

The Glee Project: This show didn’t appeal to me when it was announced, but you guys have piqued my interest. Luckily, Time Warner has the 1st three episodes on demand, so I can catch up before you talk about it again.

The Bachelorette: Tony, you are a good husband for sitting through this show with Julie. My hubby would never sit through a show he doesn’t like just for me!

Expedition Impossible: My family and I never got into Amazing Race, so this show felt new to my kids. For them, this is one of the most interesting shows on the light summer TV schedule. I personally enjoy watching something with them that isn’t anime :-).

Psst, Julie — when you were talking about Prince Albert and Grace Kelly’s kids, you were thinking of MONACO not Morocco.

LOL!! Oops — thanks Dani! =) You know, I was thinking, “Wow, I can’t picture Grace Kelly living there in all that miserable heat and sand!” I’m leaving the geography talk up to Tony from now on. LOL! =)

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