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Back Seat Box Office #116



  1. Breaking Dawn Part 2
  2. Lincoln
  3. Rise of the Guardians
  4. Skyfall
  5. Life of Pi


  1. Breaking Dawn Part 2
  2. Rise of the Guardians
  3. Skyfall
  4. Lincoln
  5. Life of Pi

Also opening in wide release this weekend, Playing for Keeps.

Back Seat Art House picks:

  • Jeff – Lay the Favorite
  • Lena – Deadfall

The standings for Back Seat Art House (after 7 weeks), the total average opening weekend dollars per theater:

  1. Jonathan – $81,466
  2. Lena – $73,803
  3. Jeff – $65,485
  4. Scott – $61,495
  5. Tony – $45,739
  6. William – $11,859
  7. Tad – $8,364
  8. Father Beast – $6,735

6 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #116”

wow. no one else has commented with picks? didn’t think people were that busy…. Then again, it’s another poor week for picks. I’m going to say that none of the new releases make it to the top 5 again, mostly because that’s what everyone else is thinking to. I’ve heard next to nothing about “Playing for Keeps” which is a bad sign this time of year and what I have heard is pretty bad.

technically, I’m ditto’ing here…
1) Skyfall – that’s right bond is returning to number one and those sparkly vampires are going down…
2) Rise of The Guardians – santa is going to beat up some vampires this week…
3) Lincoln – yep, going to beat those vampires as well. He is a vampire hunter…
4) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 – oh how the ‘mighty’ will fall… (please please please)
5) Life of Pi – hanging in there for now.

Next week: Hobbitpocalypse.

Ok, just want to throw this out up front: Is anyone else geeking about seeing The Hobbit in 48 fps? B/c I am, I’ve already bought tickets… (and if you don’t know what I just said, then no, prob’ly not geeking.)

Ok, on with picks, so I don’t get busy and realize it’s already Saturday afternoon, like the last two weeks:

1) Skyfall- Not only do I want this to be #1, but it’s had consistently lower drops than the previous #1, so Bond stakes the sparkles.

2) Twilight 5(or 4 or whatever)- I’d really like to ditto CougRon and drop this farther.

3) Rise of the Guardians- uneven in past weeks, I have to wonder if Lincoln takes it. With that huge theater count difference, I think not.

4) Lincoln- I still need to see this. I never would expect even an oscar-bait movie like this to do so well on just over 2000 screens.

5) Life of Pi- Playing for Keeps just might sneak in here (the buzz did build slowly this week, but not enough to get it outside of tanking range) but I think the money is best bet on the proven quantity. Life of Pi has solid 3D buzz, so see it in a theater, I’m thinking.

My picks for the weekend of December 7 – 9, 2012:
1. Skyfall
2. Breaking Dawn
3. Lincoln
4. Rise Of The Guardians
5. Life Of PI

Arthouse pick: Delhi Safari

Mrs. Beast’s picks for the weekend of December 7 – 9, 2012:
1. Breaking Dawn 2
2. Skyfall
3. Playing For Keeps
4. Rise Of The Guardians
5. Lincoln

I think I’ll take the easy button and ditto BD. Ran out of time this week, and just want to maintain my position in the rankings.

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