Comcast To Offer 100 Mbps By 2010

The Associated Press reports that by early 2010 Comcast plans to offer most of it’s consumers 100mbps internet service. Thats fast enough to be able to download a high-definition movie in minutes.

 Comcast senior vice president of investor relations Marlene Dooner said at the Merrill Lynch U.S. Media Conference in London that the company will be deploying a technology capable of delivering up to 100 megabits of data or more per second in 20 percent of its markets by the end of 2008. Dooner said the speed was “very competitive” with Verizon’s fiber-optic Internet service which currently offers 30mbps uploads and downloads and which has about 1.8 million subscribers.

Comcast, nation’s second-largest Internet service provider and biggest cable TV operator, has been one of the most aggressive providers in deploying a wideband technology called Docsis 3.0. As competition has increased, the company’s “triple-play” package of video, Internet and phone service is no longer exclusive because phone and satellite TV companies are now offering similar packages and services. Comcast responded by offer more cost-conscious consumers economy plans and packages that bundle two services instead of three.

Comcast expects to move the majority of its analog television channels to digital in most markets by early 2010. The company had set a goal of reclaiming analog bandwidth in 20 percent of its markets this year.

Comcast’s ad revenue in 2007 topped $1.5 billion and shares of Comcast rose 9 cents to close at $22.72 Thursday.

The Associated Press


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