John Carter On His Way To The Big Screen

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In January of last year it was announced that Pixar and Disney would  be taking over the rights to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic sci-fi series John Carter of Mars for the big screen. In October of last year, Pixar confirmed that they’re planning on three John Carter of Mars films, the first arriving sometime before 2012. Now The Pixar Blog has confirmed that Andrew Stanton (of Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Toy Story and A Bug’s Life) is writing the adaptation. 

Quoted from The Pixar Blog: The disclosure came at the end of the short, but extremely enjoyable, discussion (excerpts of which will be published here soon), when a writer from asked about Stanton’s next project, to which Stanton mentioned (not too loudly) ‘John Carter of Mars‘.

Doubting what I’m hearing, I interject, “What is that?” “John Carter of Mars“, Stanton replies. “You’re confirming John Carter? Are you serious?” At this point, I turn my tape recorder back on, “…say that on tape!”, I tell him. Stanton: “I am writing John Carter of Mars right now.” “Oh man, you just doubled my page views!“, I say. Everybody laughs.

The 11-book series centers on John Carter, a Civil War hero from Virginia who while prospecting in Apache country is transported to Mars and finds himself a captive of the savage, enormous and war-like green men from Thark. Eventually, he rises to become the greatest warrior of all time, marries the beautiful Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium, raises a family and embarks on numerous adventures. 


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Hopefully this will happen… the interesting thing will be to see just how Pixar will handle this, personally I know I wouldn’t mind seeing them to try either a style closer to the Final Fantasy movies or else doing a mixture of live action and CGI…

Of course, the more I see of the upcoming Clone Wars, the more that works for me too…

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