Back Seat Producers Season 03 Shows Special Episode

BSP Episode 068: The Reckoning

In this episode Phil and Tony square off in a competition to the death to see who is the better movie guru. 60 questions are asked of the two of them in this head to head competition.

Recommended listening: Crack some beers open and listen to this with your friends and compete.

Hosts: Adam, Phil, Tony

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Jake is indeed correct.

As a self-confessed trivia whore, I loved this. I listened in the car, so I didn’t keep score, but I think I was around even with Tony. I definitely would’ve kicked Phil’s ass. 😉

Heck, I know I could take Phil, and on the right day I’m sure Mr. Mast would fall before my trivia onslaught as well!

Uh, but the gauntlet is firmly in my right hip pocket and staying there…

Damnit, it was Sulu, not Chekov!

I haven’t even finished the episode yet, but I had to jump in that one. ST2 is near and dear to me.

Definitely enjoying the show. We’ll need more notice next time to send in questions.

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